Quiz: What Type of Mom Are You?

Personality Quiz: What Type of Mom Are You?

Every mom is amazing in her own way. We know you’ve got a tough gig. So sit back, answer 8 questions in this personality quiz to figure out just what kind of mom you are. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Personality Quiz: What Type of Mom Are You?

  1. I got helicopter mom! well, it’s cos I nurture by instincts always jumping at the chance to make my kid’s life easier 🙂

  2. helicopter mom here too! I make age-appropriate choices for my kids. I hope to win the cute giveaway

  3. Rookie mom and I’m here for the giveaway ^_^

  4. I got veteran but I think I’m more of a helicopter mom. That’s what my husband says haha.

  5. Things get stressful in my home too but I can agree with my result, I am a relaxed mother.

  6. Organic mom here! I hope I win the natural fiber doll giveaway

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