Learn More About Sensitive Tummies with SuperMom Expert

Learn More About Sensitive Tummies with SuperMom Expert

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Hi mummies & daddies!

What constitutes to a sensitive tummy and how can we as parents manage our child’s symptoms?

In this second episode of a special two-part series with Enfagrow A+ Gentlease, learn all the up and downs, ties and knots of a sensitive tummy, its causes and how you can remedy it with both lifestyle choices and eating habits!

Check out the added content on how diet plays apart into your child’s gut system. In this clip, Dr Ong answer key questions such as: how is milk formula digested by children? What is partially hydrolsyed proteins? What to look out for in your child’s milk and more!


For all our parents, check out how partially hydrolysed proteins can help children with easier digestion! Click through the link to get your sample today!

Enfagrow A+ Gentlease Stage 3 with 360° PLUS is specially designed to be gentler on your child’s delicate tummy.

Partially Hydrolyzed Proteins – smaller protein molecules which are easier to digest and less allergenic*

DHA is an important building block for brain & eye development^

Scientifically formulated by Mead Johnson Nutrition


For more about Enfagrow A+ Gentlease, click here!


Have a question about sensitive tummies or partially hydrolysed proteins, reach out to us and drop us a DM at www.facebook.com/welovesupermom


*As compared to regular cow’s milk

^ Nutrient function claim is for children up to 3 years of age.

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