Here Are 10 Reasons Why Parkway East Hospital Should Be Your Choice!

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Parkway East Hospital Should Be Your Top Choice!

The Journey in Parkway East Hospital – 10 Reasons Why They Should Be Your Choice For Your Big Day, including a VIRTUAL Maternity Tour You Can Take!


Trying to find the right hospital for one of the biggest milestones of your life but not too sure which hospital is the perfect fit for you? Here are 10 reasons why Parkway East Hospital is a great choice to deliver your baby!


1. Easy pre-registration to ready yourself for your delivery!

Easy pre-registration to ready yourself for your delivery

Imagine yourself getting ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world, all excited, and then having to deal with mountains of paperwork and figuring out how to sufficiently prepare on your own? What a nightmare!

At Parkway East Hospital, you can be rest assured that with a straightforward pre-registration process, your delivery journey will be over with ease! Once you decided on delivering your baby at Parkway East Hospital, you can get on ahead with the pre-registration process. Here, you can claim from your partner’s Medisave by simply bringing your marriage certificate and identification cards. If you are a foreigner, bring along your identification card or passport.

Parkway East Hospital provides most of the basic necessities that you would need during your stay. You will also be given a folder where you can find a thorough list of items to bring along so you do not have to wreck your brain trying to think about what you need during the period of your stay.

Daddies are encouraged to accompany mummies during the whole journey.

Driving to the hospital? Complimentary valet services are also provided along with complimentary parking during the hospital stay as well!


2. Gear yourself up with Antenatal classes*

Maternity Services – Packages, Wards & Antenatal Classes

Before your baby arrives, sign up for Antenatal classes which are designed specifically to guide parents to be with valuable tips on preparing and managing childbirth. Childbirth can be a daunting process for new parents, but it is also an exciting new experience which paves way for a new chapter in every couple’s life! The classes are currently on suspension due to the COVID-19 Situation until further notice.

By taking these classes, couples can help one another to increase confidence in caring for their newborn. Antenatal classes help mummies-to-be approach pregnancy and birth as positive experiences while also encouraging daddies-to-be a strong support system for their partners. A great start for the newborn, parents-to-be are encouraged to attend these sessions together!

Sign up for Enfamama A+ Club & free samples


3. Parentcraft Classes* available for new parents!

Parentcraft Classes available for new parents

New parents are often nervous during the time when they are awaiting the arrival of their baby. Getting the right help to ensure that parents are confident is an important step towards raising a healthy and happy baby. At Parkway East Hospital, you will find an experienced Parentcraft team who will guide parents on caring for the newborn.

You can learn skills like caring for your baby’s umbilical cord stump, proper breastfeeding techniques and nutrition tips for breastfeeding, burping for the newborn even advice on maternity confinement. But fret not, to help parents learn, there are even videos available on the TV in the room for parents to watch and learn while still being able to rest comfortably!


4. Watch the VIRTUAL Maternity Tour

VIRTUAL Maternity Tour Parkway East Hospital

Put your mind at ease and familiarize yourself with the maternity services, wards, and different rooms available for you to choose from by watching the hospital’s virtual maternity tour! See for yourself what you can expect and if you want to come down to the hospital and see first-hand, you can too.

Relieve you and your partner’s anxieties and uncertainties about childbirth during the tour. Ask away with every question that you have and go on personalized maternity tours* to cater to your needs and privacy! Tours are available from Tuesday to Friday at 10AM or 2.30PM and on Saturday at 10AM.


5. Dining options galore

Parkway East Hospital Dining Options

Often times when you think of dining options in a hospital, you do not have much expectations but at Parkway East Hospital you can ready yourself for options galore! The halal-certified kitchen offers a variety of cuisines to ensure that patients feel at home during their stay. With Malay, Chinese, Indian cuisines for patients to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.

The hospital even provides nutritional confinement food for mummies to get on their confinement journey swiftly if they choose to!


6. Well-equipped delivery suites

Well-equipped delivery suites Parkway East Hospital


One of the most important aspect to consider when looking for a hospital to deliver your baby is of course, the delivery suites where the life-changing event takes place. It has to be well-equipped, safe and comfortable for new parents so that the birth process can be as smooth sailing as possible.

At Parkway East Hospital, you can rest assured. With collapsible leg rests providing extra space , a baby warmer and an attached bathroom in the suite itself, parents need not go far to have their own privacy and comfort. During the delivery process, mummies are strapped to the CTG monitor at all

times to ensure that baby’s heartrate and mummies’ contractions are monitored closely. This monitoring system is also linked to the nurses’ station so that you always are taken care of. Pain relief is also provided in the form of epidural, laughing gas and injections that mummies can opt for, when needed.

After the birth, baby is placed skin-to-skin with mummies for the first hour to facilitate bonding between mummy and baby. This act also gives baby a sense of security and help mummies to start their breastfeeding journey. Radio Frequency Identification tag or RFID are also placed on mummies and babies. These tags are designed so that the tags will light up and play soothing music when mummy and baby are in contact with each other.


7. Comfortable maternity suites

Comfortable maternity suites parkway East Hospital

 The maternity wards at Parkway East Hospital are made to be comfortable and a space where parents can connect and learn to ensure that the start of their parenting journey is one where they can feel safe and confident. Lactation consultants and nurses who specialize in lactation support make rounds to aid in the breastfeeding journey, which can be difficult for first-time parents. With experienced and trained consultants around, mummies can feel more assured and get all the help they need to gain confidence.

Mummies are encouraged to room in with their newborn so that they will learn the babies’ feeding

cues and this will help to facilitate a healthy new bond for the family.


8. Direct route to operating theatre in case of emergency from the suite

 After birth can be some of the most rewarding moments for new parents but it is also crucial to ensure that both mummy and baby are in the pink of health. However, if there is a need for emergency intervention, a direct route to the operating theatre is available to ensure that the best care is always available.

Daddies can continue to accompany mummies in the operating theatre, the only exception is if mummies have to undergo anesthesia or emergency caesarean.


9. Professional NICU department to care for your newborn

 If your baby is ill and has to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or the NICU, Parkway East Hospital’s NICU is equipped with necessary technology and equipment for neonatal care and pediatric surgery. Here, professional nurses are take care of babies around the clock, 24/7. These nurses are trained in neonatal care and understands the needs of your baby so you know that your newborn is in good hands as he/she gets better.

In this unit, a team of healthcare providers including neonatologists, pediatric residents, neonatal nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, dietitians, lactation consultants and pharmacist who will work hand in hand to ensure that the necessary top-notch care is given to your baby. The team will also conduct several NICU screening tests for your baby before your baby is approved for discharge from NICU.

The department also offers support groups for parents who would like to share their experience with other parents facing similar problems in caring for their sick newborns.


10. Let’s not forget our Daddies!

Parkway East Hospital care for daddies

 Many a times, daddies are often neglected as mummies are put first during this huge milestone but with us at Parkway East Hospital, daddies are well taken care off!

Daddies who room in with mummy and baby also get to enjoy 3 complimentary meals* (for single room lodger only) as they look out for their partner and newborn during this exciting time! Daddies are also encouraged to stay with mummy and baby to facilitate bonding and to be a support system to their partner during this incredible milestone.



With so much offered to assist in your delivery journey, it is a no brainer why Parkway East Hospital should be your choice in deciding the right hospital to welcome your bundle of joy! Equipped with the best team, suites and care, your delivery journey can be easy, safe and smooth sailing.


All the best and congratulations on your pregnancy!


Make an appointment for a maternity tour today!

*In light of the Covid-19 situation, Parkway East Hospital will be suspending on-site classes.

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