Celebrate Learning: Top Singapore Preschools for Your Child

supermom preschool scholarship

Choosing the right preschool is a big deal for your child’s early development. In Singapore, top preschools like MindChamps Preschool, MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Thomson, and MMI Preschool offer fantastic programs designed to nurture and develop young minds. From bilingual immersion to the Montessori method, these preschools provide diverse and enriching environments that cater to various learning styles.

To make this decision even more exciting, Supermom has a special offer for its active members in celebration of its 12th anniversary. They’re providing an incredible opportunity to help families access these top-tier preschools. If you’re eager to learn how to take advantage of this offer and give your child a head start at these preschools, keep reading!

Early Childhood Development

supermom preschool scholarship

Early childhood development is an amazing journey that includes several key stages. During these years, kids learn to walk and talk, start socializing, and begin to understand the world around them. Recognizing these stages helps parents support their children’s growth and set them up for future success.

Getting your child into early education offers huge benefits. It boosts their confidence, enhances language skills, and prepares them academically for school. Plus, it helps them develop important social and emotional skills, making the transition to formal schooling smoother.

Creating a nurturing and stimulating environment is crucial for early development. It encourages curiosity, fosters a love for learning, and ensures kids feel safe and supported. By surrounding them with engaging activities and positive reinforcement, you help them thrive during these formative years.

Top Preschools in Singapore

Singapore is home to some exceptional preschools that provide unique and enriching early education experiences. Let’s dive into what makes MindChamps Preschool, MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Thomson, and MMI Preschool stand out.

MindChamps Preschool

MindChamps Preschool
Source: MindChamps Preschool

MindChamps Preschool has come a long way since its founding as an educational research center in Sydney. Over the years, it has grown into an international leader in early childhood education, enrichment, and child care. Today, MindChamps is proud to be the top choice for many Singaporean parents, with a significant presence both locally and globally.

Unique Educational Approach and Curriculum

MindChamps Preschool stands out with its unique 3-Mind Approach, which focuses on nurturing the Champion, Creative, and Learning Minds in every child. This approach ensures that children are not just academically prepared but also equipped with the mindset and skills to thrive in a constantly changing world. Their curriculum is designed to incorporate the latest research from global experts, making it both innovative and effective.

Key Features and Benefits

MindChamps Preschool shines with its unique 3-Mind Approach and their comprehensive early childhood programs.

  • 3-Mind Approach

MindChamps Preschool’s educational philosophy is built around its unique 3-Mind Approach, which focuses on developing the Champion, Creative, and Learning Minds in every child.

The Champion Mind encourages resilience and a positive attitude, helping children to face challenges confidently. The Creative Mind nurtures imagination and innovation, while the Learning Mind fosters a love for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Together, these elements equip children with a holistic set of tools to succeed in an ever-changing world.

  • Comprehensive Early Childhood Programs

MindChamps Preschool offers a comprehensive range of early childhood programs designed to support all facets of a child’s development. These programs cover cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

With activities that include hands-on learning, creative play, and structured lessons, children are engaged in a variety of experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

This well-rounded approach helps children build a strong foundation for future academic and personal success.

MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Thomson

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Thomson
Source: MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Thomson

MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Thomson is dedicated to providing a full Chinese language immersion experience for children from playgroup to kindergarten. With Chinese as the main language of instruction for most lessons, children are fully immersed in a bilingual learning environment. This approach helps children develop strong language skills and a deep appreciation for Chinese culture from an early age.

‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ Methodology

The ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ Methodology at MindChamps integrates research from Neuroscience, Child Psychology, and Theatre into its educational framework. This methodology is designed to nurture children holistically, focusing on Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, and Social development. By combining these elements, the preschool ensures that children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for future academic and personal success.

Bilingual Curriculum and Experiential Learning Activities

MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Thomson offers a bilingual curriculum that balances Chinese and English instruction, except for specific enrichment programs. Experiential learning activities are a key component of the curriculum, allowing children to engage in hands-on, interactive experiences that reinforce their language skills. From creative arts to thematic projects, these activities make learning enjoyable and effective.

Importance of Early Chinese Language Exposure

Exposing children to the Chinese language early on can significantly enhance their linguistic abilities and cultural understanding. Early language exposure helps children become more fluent and confident in speaking and writing Chinese. It also fosters an appreciation for Chinese traditions and values, giving them a strong foundation for future learning.

Modern Montessori International (MMI) Preschool

Modern Montessori International (MMI) Preschool
Source: Modern Montessori International (MMI) Preschool

The Montessori method at Modern Montessori International (MMI) Preschool emphasizes child-centered learning, encouraging independence and practical life skills. This approach uses specially designed materials and activities to foster cognitive, social, and emotional growth. By focusing on hands-on learning, children develop at their own pace in a supportive and structured environment.

MMI’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

MMI’s mission is to uphold the rich Montessori tradition by offering comprehensive courses and child development services based on the Montessori Method. The vision is to be a leading educational institution in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their core values, encapsulated in the acronym B-NICE, promote a sense of Belonging, Nurturing one’s full potential, Encouraging innovation, maintaining a Customer-centric focus, and Seeking excellence always.

Key Features and Benefits

At MMI Preschool, the curriculum includes five key components: Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural studies. Each component is designed to enhance different aspects of a child’s development, from fine motor skills and sensory awareness to mathematical understanding and language proficiency.

The preschool also offers value-added programs like News Hour and Passport to the World. News Hour prepares children for a cosmopolitan world with hands-on activities based on real events. Passport to the World inspires global awareness by teaching children about different countries’ geography, culture, and languages through fun, engaging activities.

MMI Preschool’s blend of traditional Montessori methods and innovative programs ensures a well-rounded early education experience for every child.

Supermom Preschool Scholarship

supermom preschool scholarship

Supermom is thrilled to celebrate its 12th anniversary this year, marking over a decade of empowering families across Singapore. As part of the celebrations, Supermom continues its mission to support families with the launch of a special preschool scholarship. This initiative underscores Supermom’s commitment to helping parents provide the best early education for their children.

Overview of the Supermom Preschool Scholarship

Supermom is offering a fantastic opportunity for its active members: a 3-month preschool fee scholarship worth up to $7,897. This scholarship allows selected families to enroll their children in top preschools such as MindChamps Preschool, MindChamps Chinese Preschool, and MMI Preschool. With only 120 slots available, this scholarship is a great chance to give your child a head start in their educational journey.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be Supermom members with children aged 18 months to 5 years old. Even if you’re not currently an active member, you can still apply by completing the application form and participating in at least three activities within a week of submission. The selection is on a first-come-first-served basis, so prompt action is essential.

Detailed Steps to Apply for the Scholarship

  1. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the form with your details.
  2. Validate Your Details: You will receive a WhatsApp message from Supermom’s Scholarship Programme Manager to verify your information.
  3. School Tour Arrangement: If selected, your desired preschool will contact you to arrange a school tour.
  4. Enrollment Process: After the tour, if you decide to proceed, complete all necessary forms and submit the required documents within 30 days. You will also need to pay for the one-month school deposit, fourth-month school fees, annual insurance, GST, and other applicable fees.
  5. Confirmation: Supermom will cover your three months of school fees and send you an email confirmation.

Terms and Conditions

Recipients of the Supermom Preschool Scholarship must remain enrolled at the sponsored preschool for a minimum period of 12 months. If a recipient withdraws before completing this period, the family will be required to repay the three-month scholarship amount to Supermom. This ensures that the scholarship benefits are fully utilized, providing a stable and consistent learning environment for your child.

Supermom and Nurturing Your Child’s Early Development

supermom preschool scholarship

Early childhood education sets the foundation for lifelong learning and development. It’s crucial to provide children with the best start possible, and choosing the right preschool plays a significant role in this journey.

If you’re looking for an excellent opportunity to support your child’s early education, consider applying for the Supermom Preschool Scholarship This scholarship is a fantastic way to give your child access to these three amazing preschools in Singapore.

Ready to apply for the Supermom Preschool Scholarship? Click here to start your application!

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