A Dietician’s Take on a Balanced Pregnancy Meal by Sheetal Somaiya

A Dietician’s Take on Balance Pregnancy Meal by Sheetal Somaiya

A healthy pregnancy diet for a mom-to-be is very important! A pregnant mommy must take note of the various food that they take in to ensure that they are gaining a healthy amount of weight. In this clip, Ms. Sheetal Somaiya, an Accredited Dietitian of Singapore (ADS) and Certified Diabetes Educator (IDF), talks about the importance of a balanced pregnancy diet for an expectant mother, and how to achieve it through food proportion and control of her carbohydrate, protein, and healthy fats intake.

Sheetal Somaiya is an Accredited Dietitian (ADS), Certified Diabetes Educator (IDF), Certified Low FODMAP Dietitian (Monash University and has also completed the Exercise Prescription Course for Allied Health Professionals (Singapore).

She has rich experience of 15 years in the field of therapeutic dietetics and diabetes education in clinical, hospital, corporate, and community nutrition.

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