Supermom’s Actionable Insights

We’ve carried out a number of surveys amongst our family database to find out the latest trends in consumer behavior and brand preferences and expectations. Download a copy to find out what your potential customer is looking for and how your brand fits in the eyes of the consumer! Contact us to find out how you can better curate your marketing campaigns to target your specific audiences. 

What Parents Look For When Purchasing Household Appliances

Gain access to Millions of Parents in SEA, Supermom is able to conduct surveys & research with SCALE and SPEED digitally. Should household appliance brands invest more in online marketing efforts since the rise of online shopping on marketplace giants like Lazada and Shopee?

Weighing In On The Value Of Toys For Young Children

Toys are important tools in enhancing a child’s learning development. It allows children to develop creative thinking and enhances their learning capabilities. How can toys enhance their growth and impact in their motor and cognitive skills?

Latest Trends & Consumer Behavior Regarding Enrichment Classes

The tuition and enrichment class industry in Singapore is valued at more than $1B worth. This relates to close to 97% of school going children have attended a tuition or enrichment class in their schooling years.

Electric Vehicles – Yay or Nay?

The Singapore Green Plan 2030 includes a strong push to electrify our vehicle population, which would help Singapore achieve our vision of 100% cleaner energy vehicles by 2040. This is as reported on ChannelNewsAsia in March 2022

How to Choose a Good Skincare Brand for My Little One?

Baby/child toiletries make up a large part of the expenditure related to children. While today’s Singaporean parents are eager to buy premium products, they are also price sensitive and careful to look for deals and discounts.