Supermom Actionable Insights: Electric Vehicles – Yay or Nay?

Parenting Insights: Electric Vehicles – Yay or Nay?

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Electric Vehicles – Yay or Nay@2x-20

Electric Vehicles – Yay or Nay?

The Singapore Green Plan 2030 includes a strong push to electrify our vehicle population, which would help Singapore achieve our vision of 100% cleaner energy vehicles by 2040. This is as reported on ChannelNewsAsia in March 2022 when the Singapore government announced further initiatives to make every heartland town “EV-ready” and help businesses improve energy efficiency. Reducing carbon emissions as part of our efforts to combat climate change and the ill effects of global warming were some reasons cited to push forward the adoption of “greener” methods of living. But how does the public respond to such initiatives?

The launch of Tesla’s electric vehicles (and driverless features) have made waves around the globe and electrified a new sensational trend amongst the high SES as the “new toy on the block”. While it is not the first electric vehicle to be launched in Singapore, the branding and marketing of Tesla has opened a new shift of consumer perceptions regarding electric vehicles and fuelled positive interests amongst consumers to consider looking at hybrid or electric vehicles for their next purchase. Yet, while perceptions have changed, less than 5% of vehicles on the road are electric vehicles – which presents some food for thought on what are holding consumers back and what do they really think about the adoption of EVs? What are some of their real concerns and how can the government, together with car companies, address them?

Many young families are heavily reliant on having the convenience of their personal car to shuttle their children and elderly to and fro, and with the rising costs of petrol, living expenses, what would be their response to this call to adopt electric vehicles? We conducted a survey amongst our database of young families to find out more what families think and know about the use of Electric Vehicles in Singapore