How to Choose the Best Cot For Your Baby

How to Choose the Best Cot for Your Baby

Preparing a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep once they arrive in this world is essential. Newborns usually sleep for 16 hours a day, with 3 to 4 hours in each sleep time.

Whether you will be sleeping with your baby in the same room or you have a nursery room, a baby cot is essential. Although some cultures adorn co-sleeping with your baby, it is risky. In your deep sleep, the baby can suffocate or get strangled by the heavy blankets.

There are some factors to put into consideration before purchasing a baby cot. We will help you with how to choose the best cot for your baby.

Types of baby cots

1. Convertible

Most parents in Singapore prefer convertible baby cribs. Although this type of cot is more expensive than the others, it is a lifetime crib that grows with your baby. 

The convertible cot acts like a baby crib during the first three years, and then you can turn it into a toddler bed when the child grows up. It is an ideal choice for parents not planning on having more children or those looking for a long-term furniture solution.

2. Standard

A standard crib is a common type of crib in the market. Besides, this crib comes at a friendlier price compared to a convertible crib. Standard cribs are also long-lasting, sturdy, and simple in design:  four sides with slats throughout.

This crib is suitable for parents planning to have more babies soon. They are durable and come in various designs, including two-color tones, colorful finishes, and mixed materials.

3. Drop-side

Drop-side is also a popular type of baby crib in Singapore. The crib’s one side or both sides of the rails lowers down. This makes it easier to move the baby in and out of the crib.

4. Portable with wheels

 A portable baby crib with wheels allows the parent to move it from one to another. Hence, you can move it to the living room to keep an eye on your baby as they sleep and return it to the bedroom at night.

baby crib in Singapore

What to consider when buying a baby crib in Singapore;

1. Size

The size of the baby crib affects the storage space. As a parent, it is crucial to have the space in your house in mind as you shop for a baby crib. Since Singapore is a small country where above 80% of the families live in modest HBD flats, space can be limited. Choose a baby crib that fits in your house well without blocking other family essentials.

2. Safety

Your baby’s safety should also be put into consideration when purchasing a baby crib. For instance, a safe crib should be free from peeling paint, rough corners, splinters, or edges to avoid hurting your baby. Also, the distance between the cot slats should not be more than 6cm to prevent the baby’s hands from getting stuck in between. Also, if you choose a drop-side crib, it should have a secure drop-side locking mechanism.

3. Cost

As a parent, determine how much you are willing to spend on a baby’s crib. The amount you want to spend on a baby’s cot can be affected by how long you will use it. If you plan to have more children soon, you can consider a standard crib budget because you can use it for different babies between 0-3 years. On the other hand, if you are planning for your lastborn, you can consider the cost of a convertible crib that grows with your baby.

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