Mummy-Approved: Best Baby Diaper Brands in Malaysia 2023

best baby diaper brands in malaysia

Hey mommies, let’s talk about something we all know too well: diapers. From the moment our little ones are born, they become an integral part of our lives, and so do the countless diaper changes. As experienced mommies, we understand the importance of finding the perfect diaper brand that we can rely on day in and day out. With so many brands out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for our babies. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, We’re going to share with you the best baby diapers in Malaysia for 2023. So let’s get started and make diaper changing a breeze for us and our little ones!

Things to consider when choosing the best baby diaper brand

When choosing infant diapers, your baby’s comfort should be your top priority. Your baby will be wearing diapers almost 24/7 so finding a diaper that is soft and breathable will keep your little one happy. Make sure to check how your baby’s skin reacts to the material of the diaper and see if there are any signs of irritation. The first diaper brand you try might work well, but you might also end up trying out a couple of different brands before finding the right one.

The best baby diapers should also be absorbent to keep your baby dry and avoid leaks. Some diapers are more absorbent than others and can leave your baby’s skin relatively dry even when they’re full. The elastic that goes along the leg holes of the diapers should fit snugly without being too tight. It should also be designed to prevent leaks.

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Another thing to consider is the cost. Some diaper brands are more expensive than others, but you might find them to be worth the price. However, there are also low-cost diapers that won’t break the bank but can still keep your babies comfortable and prevent leaks.

What’s not so important is how long a diaper can last for your baby. Many diaper brands claim that they can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours, but this doesn’t matter much in practice. You should change your baby’s diaper regularly, and a diaper shouldn’t stay on your baby for 12 hours. During the newborn stage particularly, you’ll likely be changing your baby’s diaper every 2 to 3 hours, maybe even less.

Best baby diapers: Top brands

When you become a mum, you will be faced with a lot of important decisions to make. Choosing the right diapers is one of them. The big question is, how do you pick the best diaper for your baby? With tons of baby diapers from different reputable diaper brands, it can be overwhelming to go through all these choices.

In this article, SuperMom will help you by narrowing down your options and providing you with a list of the best mummy-approved diaper brands in Malaysia today.


Huggies Best-Mummy-Approved-Diaper-Brands-in-Malaysia-1024x649

Huggies diapers are designed to give your baby protection and comfort throughout their growing years. Their high-quality products aim to be as comfy and as caring as their mummy’s hug making them one of the best diapers you can use for your baby.

The Huggies Gold and Silver diapers have a super absorbent core and blue quick-dry layer to keep your baby dry at all times. They also give your baby a 360° comfort fit with a breathable waistband and outer cover. The Huggies Nature Made diapers, meanwhile, are made with selected natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals added. Although it’s thin and soft, it’s still absorbent and can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours.

The Huggies Nature Made, Gold, and Silver Pants are available in sizes that accommodate babies that weigh 6 kg up to 25 kg. The taped diapers for the Silver diapers are available in sizes that accommodate babies from 6 kg to 16 kg. The Nature Made and Gold diapers, meanwhile, have sizes that accommodate newborns up to babies weighing 16 kg.

With its reputation and solid products, Huggies is definitely one of the best baby diaper brands out there.


  • More affordable compared to other brands
  • Newborn diapers have an indentation that prevents the waistband from touching the cord
  • Large easy-grip tabs
  • Has an extra absorbent layer
  • Protects more effectively against leaks compared to other brands


  • Fewer size options compared to some other brands
  • Can be just as absorbent, and even less absorbent, compared to other brands even with the extra absorbent layer



Pampers have been one of the most trusted and best baby diaper brands for more than 50 years. They are committed to creating baby products that are safe and of high quality. Additionally, they have a variety of diapers that you can choose from.

For example, the Pampers Baby Dry diapers can give your little one uninterrupted sleep with up to 12 hours of skin dryness. They have a stretchy waistband that provides the best fit for your baby, as well as a soft cottony cover for added comfort. The Pampers Premium Care diapers, meanwhile, are designed with a 3D top sheet for faster and better absorption. They’re designed to be breathable and use the softest material to ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible.

You can also try the Limited Edition Pampers Aircon Pants, which are available in sizes that accommodate babies weighing 6 kg to 14 kg. These diapers are great for providing all-around breathability throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Pampers Pure Protection diapers are made of plant-derived materials and ultra-gentle on your baby’s skin. All these diapers are available as taped diapers or pull-up pants.


  • Provides efficient absorbency without having too many bulky layers
  • Offers more size options compared to other brands
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit snugly on babies, preventing leaks and blow outs
  • Has a wetness indicator
  • Comfortable and effective at preventing leaks


  • More expensive compared to other similar brands
  • Smaller tabs


Drypers have been creating quality baby products and one of the best baby diapers for over 30 years. They have a wide range of baby diapers that mums can choose from to fit their preferences and needs. Having these options is great for discerning mums who want to ensure that they make the best choices for their babies.

The Drypers Wee Wee Dry diapers have a Soft AbsorbDRY Layer that absorbs and keeps fluid in to keep your baby dry at all times. They also have a 100% breathable cloth-like cover to keep your baby’s skin cool and fresh.

The Skinature Premium Diapers, meanwhile, are developed with Derma-Care Technology that makes them gentle even on the most sensitive skin. They are free from allergens, chlorine, fragrance, and other harmful ingredients that can be harsh for your baby. These diapers are available in newborn sizes and sizes for babies weighing up to 17 kg.

They also have Drypers Touch for overnight dryness and Drypers Drypantz for more active babies. Both lines also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate babies in different stages of development.


  • Efficiently absorbs liquid and prevents leaks
  • Has sizes that can accommodate larger babies
  • Smooth on the skin and can prevent irritation
  • Good for day and night wear


  • Can be warm on the skin, which can make babies uncomfortable while they sleep
  • Thicker than diapers from other brands


Merries diapers were developed based on research about what’s best for your baby’s skin, making them ideal for preventing rashing and irritation even for the most sensitive babies. These some of the best baby diapers out there are ultra-soft and have exceptional breathability for long-lasting comfort and freshness. They have a three-layer air-through system that improves airflow and keeps your baby comfortable.

The airy soft surface is designed with two different convex shapes to effectively absorb liquid and prevent leaking. These diapers are also highly absorbent and instantly lock in liquid to keep your baby’s skin as clean and dry as possible. They also have a colour-changing wetness indicator so you’ll know if it’s time for a new diaper.

Both the pants and tape versions of these diapers have soft waistbands that are designed to fit snugly around the tummy to let your baby move freely. The tape diapers are available in newborn sizes and sizes for babies that weigh up to 14 kg. The pants versions are available in sizes for babies that weigh 6 kg up to 28 kg.


  • Made of soft and breathable materials
  • Flexible waistband fits snugly on baby
  • Absorbs liquid well and prevents leaks
  • Prevents rashes and irritations on baby’s skin
  • Has a wetness indicator


  • Elastic waistband tends to leave marks on skin
  • Might not be suitable for overnight use



MamyPoko are committed to creating high-quality best baby diapers to help mummies and daddies raise a happy, healthy, and hygienic baby. They offer diapers with basic functions and advanced features to provide you and your babies comfort and convenience.

The MamyPoko Air Fit Tape Diapers are perfect for your newborn’s delicate skin. They have a silky softness that’s gentle on the skin, as well as superior absorbency that locks in liquids to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Additionally, they have a comfortable fit around the waist and legs to prevent side and back leaks every time. They also have wetness indicator lines that let you know when it’s time for a diaper change.

You can also try other MamyPoko diaper lines. The MamyPoko Extra Dry Protect diapers, for example, can help keep mosquitoes away. There are also the MamyPoko Organic Cotton diapers, which are gentle for sensitive skin. The MamyPoko tape diapers are available in newborn sizes and sizes for babies that weigh up to 11 kg. The pants versions, meanwhile, are available in sizes for babies that weigh 6 kg up to 28 kg.


  • Designed to prevent leaks
  • Fits comfortably around the waist and thighs
  • Made of soft materials that won’t irritate your baby’s skin
  • More affordable than other comparable brands


  • Can sometimes leak during the night
  • Won’t last for longer than a handful of hours before needing to be changed


Offspring makes eco-friendly, ultra-breathable, and hyper-absorbent diapers for your baby.  It is among the best baby diaper brands out here in Malaysia. Their Featherlite Ultra-Thin diapers are the thinnest on the market today. These lightweight diapers are perfect for babies in tropical countries like Malaysia and Malaysia.

Additionally, Offspring only uses natural and organic materials for their diapers. Thus, if you’ve been looking for a more eco-friendly diaper option, Offspring diapers are a great choice. These diapers have also received multiple certifications from international authorities and have been found to be safe for your baby and the environment.

These diapers are available in different sizes that can fit newborn babies and babies that weigh up to 12 kg. The Offspring Fashion Pants in particular are ultra-soft diapers that come in fun designer prints to keep your baby in style. These diapers are great for day and night use and have different sizes from 6 kg up to 23 kg.


  • Made of natural and organic materials; biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Lightweight and cool on the skin
  • Thinner than other diapers on the market
  • Comes in more sizes compared to other diaper brands


  • Somewhat less absorbent compared to other diapers
  • Material is less soft compared to other diapers


Last but not least, if you’re considering to look for the best baby diaper brands in Malaysia, don’t miss out on Genki. Genki diapers have a cloud-like softness and an ultra-absorbent core to help parents keep their babies happy and comfortable all day long. They’re made with fine fibers that work as air pockets, giving the diapers a soft texture that’s great for your baby’s skin. Additionally, they have superb breathability that lets air in and moisture out.

Additionally, these ones of the best baby diapers have a wide absorbency zone and soft leak guards that prevent leakage. These features keep fluids away from your baby’s skin, keeping it dry and clean at all times. Genki diapers also come with a soft stretchable waistband so you’ll be able to find the best and most comfortable fit for babies of all sizes and ages.

The Genki tape diapers have sizes that fit babies that weigh 7 kg up to 17 kg. The Genki pants, meanwhile, are the best diapers for more active babies that weigh from 7 kg to 25 kg. 


  • Highly absorbent; keeps moisture away from your baby’s skin
  • Soft nonwoven material that’s comfortable for your baby
  • Gentle elastics around waist and thighs; prevents marks on skin
  • Designed to prevent leaks


  • Tends to be bulkier than other diapers from comparable brands
  • Has a less attractive design compared to other diapers


The best diaper brands in Malaysia include Huggies, Pampers, Drypers, Merries, MamyPoko, Beaba, Offspring, and Genki. Any of these brands can provide you with high-quality nappies for your child from babyhood to toddlerhood.


During the newborn stage, you should change your baby’s diapers every two to three hours, or as often as necessary.


No, there’s no need to change diapers after every pee. You can change every two to three hours, or when it’s sufficiently heavy. You can also check the diaper’s wetness indicator.


Diapers are primarily used by babies and toddlers who have not yet been potty-trained. They may also be used by children who are going through a bedwetting phase.


Although disposable diapers can contribute to waste and pollution, some companies are producing eco-friendly biodegradable disposable diapers. Some disposable diapers are also made of sustainable materials. 

When choosing the best baby diaper brand, you should consider your baby’s comfort, the absorbency of the diaper, and the cost. Your baby’s skin should not react to the material of the diaper and should be soft and breathable. The diaper should be absorbent to keep your baby dry and prevent leaks. The cost of the diaper brand is also an essential consideration.

You should change your baby’s diaper regularly, and it should not stay on your baby for more than 2 to 3 hours. During the newborn stage, you may even change your baby’s diaper every hour.

The Huggies Nature Made diapers are made with selected natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemical

Pampers is known for its variety of diapers that you can choose from. They have the Pampers Baby Dry diapers that give your little one uninterrupted sleep with up to 12 hours of skin dryness, the Pampers Premium Care diapers designed with a 3D top sheet for faster and better absorption, and the Pampers Pure Protection diapers, which are made of cotton and contain no harmful chemicals.

Huggies is known for being more affordable compared to other best baby diaper brands.

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