Top 10 Baby Products Parents Are Buying From Shopee


As a parent, you always want to give the best things to your little angel because your baby’s happiness is everything to you. But while choosing the right baby products or items, you fall into a dilemma about what to purchase and which to ignore. Being overwhelmed by so many options, very often you choose the wrong products that turn out to be a waste of money and effort. If that is the case, you will find this article useful. Because we are going to tell you about 10 baby items that parents are buying from Shopee. We think it will help you choose the right products for your little genius as well.

As you already know, Shopee is a leading e-commerce site well known for its wide variety of products. It also has a great collection of quality baby items essential for your little one’s physical and mental development.

So, let’s explore the 10 baby products that parents are buying from Shopee like crazy.

1. Nestle Nankid Optipro HA Step 3 Hypoallergenic

nestle nankid optipro ha step 3 hypoallergenic

Why Parents Love It

  • No added sucrose(sugar)
  • Contains the right amount of protein & probiotics

When parents look for baby milk, they depend on big brands as they are trustworthy. That’s why Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 3 Growing Up Milk has become so popular among parents. This premium milk is for your growing toddlers aged from 1-3 years. It contains optipro, an optimized protein, and probiotic Bifidus BL that ensure your kid’s physical growth and mental development. It also helps your kid build a healthier digestive system.

2. Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo / Ultra Moisturizing Bath And Wash / Lotion


Why Parents Love It

  • Tear-free moisturizing bath or wash
  • Tested by dermatologists

Choosing the right shampoo or lotion for your baby takes many trials and errors because babies have sensitive skin. That’s why parents keep their trust in Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo / Ultra Moisturizing Bath And Wash / Lotion as these products are tested by dermatologists. The shampoos are PH-balanced, tear-free that keeps your little one’s skin clean and safe. The lotions are clinically proven to keep your baby’s skin hydrated for 24hrs. It also improves your lovely angel’s skin texture.

3. Multifunctional Newborn Baby Folding Bath Tub

3. Multifunctional Newborn Baby Folding Bath Tub

Why Parents Love It

  • Easily foldable 
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Price: RM49.00

The Multifunctional Newborn Baby Folding Bath Tub is one of the bestselling baby items on Shopee. This foldable bathtub comes with a lovely space-saving design and sturdy structure. It is made from TPR materials that are very safe for kids. Parents can take this easy-to-carry bathtub outside and give their kids an outside bathing experience as well. So, if you are looking for a low-cost yet amazing foldable bathtub for your little angel, you can take good note of this one.

4. Drypers Drypantz

4. drypers drypants

Why Parents Love It

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long-lasting dryness

Drypers Drypantz is very popular among all parents as they love to buy this for their kids. This diaper has a triple action core that quickly absorbs dispenses and gives your baby 10hrs of long-lasting dryness. Its new SmartFIT Technology with a 4-way stretch material adjusts to your baby’s body smoothly and makes your baby comfortable. It’s the mom’s best choice diaper brand because, after the product test, 93% of moms consented to switch to Drypers Drypantz. So it can be an excellent choice for your little sweethearts from 6 to >15kg.

5. Ergonomic Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air Cool 3D Mesh 0 to 3 years

5. baby bjorn carrier

Why Parents Love It

  • Four carrying positions
  • It grows with your baby
  • Amazing head support
  • Price: RM270.00

Ergonomic Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air Cool 3D Mesh is just what a parent needs because it has four front and back carrying positions, adjustable waist belts and shoulder straps. It also has elegant head support for your little angel that enhances the bonding between you and your baby. It also features an infant insert with two positions that ensure your baby’s ideal body position and ultimate comfort.

6. Baby Stroller Cup Holder


Why Parents Love It

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Suitable for different size cups
  • Easy to install or remove

Baby Stroller Cup Holder is a simple yet very essential baby stroller accessory that comes in different designs and shapes. This lovely cup holder can rotate 360-degree and hold cups of many sizes. You can easily install it with the baby staller and can detach it when necessary. Not only cups, but this holder can also carry water bottles or baby feeders. 

7. Reversible Octopus Doll Plush Toy


Why Parents Love It

  • Reversible 
  • Colorful, Soft, and adorable
  • Price Range: RM3.59 – RM4.39

Reversible Octopus Doll Plush Toy is a soft, colorful, and adorable toy for your little genius. It comes in different sets of colors such as blue and purple, light pink and blue, etc. It is a best-selling, award-winning toy that is equally popular in kids and adults. So, if you are thinking of giving your baby a cuddling toy, you can undoubtedly choose this low-budget, best-selling reversible octopus.

8. Brotish Multifunctional 2 Layer Portable Infant Baby Cot Playpen Travel Cot Bed


Why Parents Love It

  • Multifunctional and portable
  • Easy installation

Brotish Multifunctional 2 Layer Portable Infant Baby Cot Playpen Travel Cot Bed is a one-stop solution for baby beds. Parents love it because it is portable and easy to install. Your baby can use it in different ways, such as sleeping bed, diaper changing table, game playground, rocker, etc. It has multilevel height adjustment facilities so it can grow with your kid. 

This two-layer spacious travel bed is made of kid-friendly, high-quality materials. The lower level can be used as a baby playground, while the upper layer can be used as a resting place. The good thing is you can get this multifunctional travel bed from Shopee at a very affordable price.  

9. JJ Cole Stroller Cushion Pad Pillow


Why Parents Love It

  • Stylish and reversible
  • Very soft and comfortable

JJ Cole Stroller Cushion Pad Pillow is a go-to baby item for parents to buy from Shopee because it makes your baby’s stroller experience safe and comfortable. Moreover, if you want to have a long drive with your sweetie pie, this soft cushion pad pillow can ensure total comfort during the journey. This cushion is reversible and designed in a way that your little angel can use it in all seasons.

10. Bubbles 5 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Walker


Why Parents Love It

  • Multi-functional (rocker, walker, jumper, pusher)
  • Removable activity tray
  • Discounted Price: RM229.90

Parents buy this Bubbles 5 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Walker for its multi-functionality and stylish design. This 5-in-1 baby walker can be used as a rocker, walker, jumper, pusher, and music station. It has a colorful activity tray full of lovely toys to keep your baby engaged in physical activities and enhance mental growth. Its wide extra-base, sturdy wheels, and adjustable height option give your kids a pleasing experience. It’s most suitable for babies aged 6 months to 2 years.

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