5 Best Baby Diapers in Malaysia

best diapers in malaysia

Newborn babies and toddlers require diapers for their day-to-day activities because they can’t control their bowel and bladder movements just yet. They’re also not able to clean up after themselves yet, that’s why diapers are so crucial during these stages. A good baby diaper will keep their excretion in one place without any leakage, while also keeping our little ones comfortable to move around without worries in the world!

However, choosing the right diapers might be crucial for you. Mummies, you don’t want to end up taking care of rashes on your baby’s skin due to the wrong diapers, or cleaning up leakages during a family outing. That’s why we have compiled the 5 best baby diapers in Malaysia for you to choose from.

What to Consider Before Choosing Diapers

1. The fit

You’ve got to make sure the diapers fit your babies or toddlers. There are different sizes out there specifically for each age range. Diapers that are too tight can increase the chance of rash on your baby, and the ones that are too loose will cause leakage.  

2. Price

A single piece of diaper might be cheap, but on average you are expected to change as many as 10-12 times a day, and this can add up over time. But, you also don’t want to opt for cheap off-brand diapers, since they might cause rashes or leakage. Pick the best for both worlds, and find one whose quality is proven with reasonable pricing.

3. Quality

Baby’s skin is super sensitive. As previously stated, you don’t want any diapers for your little one. You need a diaper with a long proven brand history that delivers quality material diapers and has good standings with their customers. So, make sure the material quality is good and comfortable for your baby.

1. Mamypoko Extra Dry Tape

Mamypoko Extra Dry Tape

As a long-standing brand, MamyPoko has been one of the top choices when it comes to baby diapers. They have proven-quality diapers that have been reviewed by many parents. This MamyPoko Extra Dry Tape offers a powerfully-absorbent core, that locks in and absorbs urine for up to 12 hours. Moreover, this diaper has a breathable cover to let air flow, so it’s comfortable for your baby’s skin.

Another useful feature is its soft leg gathers which have close gaps to prevent leakage but are not tight enough that it would harm your baby’s skin. This diaper is good for long hours. Mummies can feel relaxed, cause MamyPoko Extra Dry Tape can keep your baby rash-free for up to 12 hours.


1. Powerful absorbent core

2. Breathable cover

3. Soft leg gathers

4. 12 hour rash-free


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2. Drypers Wee Wee Dry NewBorn

Drypers have been one of parents’ favorites to keep their little ones clean, happy, and free from leakage. They have the best material to keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. Drypers Wee Wee Dry NewBorn is one of their best products. It has its Tummy Fit Guide to help position Flexi-Tape correctly, to prevent any leakage. With its 6 AbsorbDry layers, it locks in urine and keeps your baby’s skin dry and comfy.

Furthermore, its stretchable waistband hugs your baby’s waist so they feel comfortable wearing it. Its Flexi-Tape prevents leakage and even allows multiple refastening, so you can adjust it to suit your baby’s comfortable settings. You can’t go wrong choosing Drypers diapers for your little loved one.


1. Tummy Fit Guide to help position Flexi-Tape, preventing leakage

2. 6 AbsorbDry layers, locks in urine and keeps skin dry and comfy

3. Stretchable waistband

4. Flexi-Tape with multiple refastening

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3. Whoopee Pants

Whoopee Happee Pants are suitable for crawling and active newborns, both for day & night usage. These pants have excellent absorption and comfortable layers that help your babies move freely. In addition, its flexible waist will ensure that the diaper fits perfectly without any worry of its slipping down or being too tight. 

The diaper itself is breathable and soft, providing ultra-cool air flows that improve your loved one sleeping quality.


1. Excellent absorption

2. Comfortable layers

3. Flexible waist

4. Ultra-cool air flows


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4. Merries Super Premium Jumbo Tape

Merries Super Premium Jumbo Tape

Merries is a well-known brand in diapers. Its quality has been proven over the years. Merries Super Premium Jumbo Tape offers a long-lasting dry feeling. It’s ultra soft and fluffy, which is gentle for a baby’s delicate skin.

This diaper’s soft poo leak guard will minimize soft poo contact with the skin, ensuring comfort for your little one. Furthermore, its 3D side gather prevents any leakage that might ruin you and your baby’s day. With its unique block-shaped absorbent core, Merries Super Premium Jumbo Tape draws in and locks away pee instantly. Moreover, it also has a color-changing wetness indicator, which is convenient, so mummies know when to change their baby’s diaper.


1. Long-lasting dry feeling

2. Soft poo leak guard

3. Unique block-shaped absorbent core

4. Soft and fluffy surface

5. Wetness indicator


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5. PETPET E-Tape Mega Pack

PETPET E-Tape Mega Pack with its 100% BluDry zone maximizes urine absorption throughout the diaper to protect against leaks. It also will keep your baby’s skin dry for up to 10 hours. So, mummies don’t have to worry when having a great day out or a playtime with friends, since your little one will be safe and comfortable. This diaper is breathable, keeping your baby’s skin dry and cool.

Additionally, its extra-long design ensures maximum front and back coverage against leakage. Its wide waistband gently hugs your baby’s waist comfortably which prevents sagging.


  1. BluDry Zone that maximizes urine absorption
  2. Breathable
  3. Extra long design for maximum coverage
  4. Wide waistband
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