5 Reasons Why a Parklon Playmat is Essential for Tummy Time (2023)

Credit: Parklon America
When your baby is ready for some floor time, it is best to invest in a good playmat. A Parklon mat is designed to keep your baby safe and help stimulate their senses and aid in their cognitive and motor skills development.
Every parent wants the best for their child, and safety and comfort in all stages of their development are the prime concerns. In the first few months, your baby will spend more time on their back and tummy before they can start to crawl around and sit up. Then eventually, your baby will try to roll around and stand up, so you’d want something that is soft and comfortable that can cushion your little one in case of falls. Additionally, you would also want a playmat that is non-toxic, easy to clean, and of course, will fit your home’s charm.
Parklon is a leading manufacturer of playmats for babies and toddlers in Korea. In this article,  we have rounded up five reasons why a Parklon mat is the best choice for your baby.

Why Buy a Parklon Mat?

1. Comfort and Safety

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Every Parklon mat offers maximum comfort and safety for your baby. Parklon playmats are soft, yet thick and durable. It provides comfort for long hours of lying down or sitting down while playing. The Parklon playmats have a thickness of about 10-12 mm which makes it an ideal cushion for hard floors to protect your baby from injuries when they are learning to crawl or walk. Its thick and soft cushion is perfect for your baby from age zero and up!

2. Non-Toxic Materials

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As parents, the safety of our children is the number one priority. We all want to make sure that we are placing our children in a safe environment always, including playtimes. We need a protective surface that is safe for our kids to rest, play or learn to crawl on. Every Parklon mat is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-phthalate PVC and is certified and scientifically proven to be safe by SGS, a multinational company which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. These mats are safe for children with sensitive skin and do not give off a chemical smell.

3. Easy To Clean

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Spills? No problem! The Parklon bumper playmats, roll mats and multi-purpose playmats are water-resistant and easy to clean! You can easily wipe up any baby spills and food stains by just using a microfiber towel or damp cloth on these mats. You wouldn’t have to worry about bringing your Parklon mat on picnics, to the beach or even your backyard. You can spend more playtime and less worrying about how to keep this mat clean!

4. Built To Last

Any Parklon mat is made of high-quality materials and can be expected to last for years. It has a durable material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Its made of tough materials that are built to last but is gentle and soft making it ideal even for newborns. The PVC material makes the mats more durable and keeps the colors and prints bright and clear. These mats will keep your child safe and protected for several years.

5. Engaging Designs

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The Parklon playmats have a wide range of designs and color palettes that can easily match your home, whether you use it on your living room or your baby’s playroom. The dual-sided designs allow you to change up the pattern or design by simply reversing the mat! Children will love the bright colors and fun designs with choices of educational patterns and engaging characters making it appealing for toddlers and preschoolers too. The chic and simple line patterns are perfect for modern homes.

Have fun and start creating a safe and comfortable play area for your baby anywhere in your home!

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