A Complete Week by Week Pregnancy Checklist: 80+ To-Dos

A pregnant mother doing Week-by-Week Pregnancy Checklist

Being pregnant can be overwhelming, here’s a week by week pregnancy checklist for you mummies.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with excitement and overwhelming emotions. To help you navigate this transformative experience and stay organized, we’ve prepared a comprehensive week by week pregnancy checklist. Each trimester comes with its own set of milestones and preparations, so let’s dive in and ensure you’re well-prepared for the arrival of your bundle of joy!

First Trimester Pregnancy (Week 1 – Week 12)

Pregnancy Test to Confirm Pregnancy in the First Trimester, week by week pregnancy checklist

The first trimester is a time of significant development as your little one starts to take shape. Here’s your week-by-week pregnancy checklist for the first twelve weeks:

Week 1

Use a home pregnancy test to verify your pregnancy.

Start taking folic acid-containing prenatal supplements.

Make an appointment for your first prenatal visit and talk to your doctor about any worries you may have.

Week 2

Maintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated will help your baby thrive.

Compile and arrange genetic data from family health records.

Keep a notebook of the signs and changes you experience during pregnancy.

Week 3

Eliminate harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco from your lifestyle.

Reduce caffeine intake to a moderate level.

Familiarize yourself with pregnancy do’s and don’ts to ensure a healthy journey.

Week 4

Research and select an obstetrician or midwife for your prenatal care.

Consult your healthcare provider before starting any exercise routine.

Consider reading a pregnancy book to learn more about this incredible process.

Week 5

Create a budget for baby expenses and start saving accordingly.

Share the exciting news with close family and friends.

Stay well-hydrated to support your body’s changing needs.

Review your insurance plan to know which hospitals are covered.

Week 6

Explore baby names and have fun discussing them with your partner.

Educate yourself about common pregnancy symptoms and ways to manage them.

Week 7

Focus on a nutritious diet to support both you and your baby’s well-being.

Start researching baby essentials and create a baby registry.

Week 8

Schedule prenatal tests and screenings as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Familiarize yourself with maternity leave policies at your workplace.

Invest in comfortable bras to accommodate your changing bust.

Week 9

Consider enrolling in childbirth education classes to prepare for labor.

Take time for self-care and relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Incorporate light walking into your daily routine for gentle exercise.

Week 10

Continue engaging in safe pregnancy exercises, such as swimming or prenatal yoga.

Share your pregnancy journey on social media if you wish to connect with others.

Week 11

Capture the beauty of your growing baby bump with weekly photos.

Join online pregnancy forums or local support groups to share experiences.

Week 12

Plan a special way to announce your pregnancy to extended family and friends.

Start brainstorming nursery decoration ideas and baby-proofing your home.

Second Trimester Pregnancy (Week 13 – Week 28)

second trimester mother preparing baby socks, week by week pregnancy checklist

The second trimester is often referred to as the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. You may experience relief from early discomforts and feel more energized. Here’s your week-by-week pregnancy checklist for weeks 13 to 28.

Week 13

Celebrate the start of the second trimester with a treat for yourself.

Continue attending prenatal appointments and monitoring your baby’s growth.

Week 14

Research and make decisions about birthing options that align with your preferences.

Update your wardrobe with comfortable and stylish maternity wear.

Week 15

Plan a gender reveal party if you wish to find out your baby’s gender.

Engage in gentle pregnancy exercises to stay active and healthy.

Week 16

Create a baby shower registry to guide family and friends in gift-giving.

Plan a babymoon to relax and enjoy quality time with your partner.

Week 17

Experience the joy of feeling your baby’s movements, often called “quickening.”

Explore baby care classes to prepare for postnatal life.

Week 18

Schedule an anatomy scan to monitor your baby’s development.

Research breastfeeding and pumping options if you plan to breastfeed.

Week 19

Prepare a detailed birth plan, considering your preferences for labor and delivery.

Look into the possibility of banking your baby’s cord blood for future use.

Week 20

Celebrate reaching the midpoint of your pregnancy journey.

Research and choose baby cribs and nursery furniture for the baby’s room.

Week 21

Plan for maternity leave and discuss it with your employer.

Consider enrolling in prenatal classes to prepare for childbirth.

Week 22

Create a baby registry with essential items you’ll need for your little one.

Explore and select baby carriers and strollers suitable for your lifestyle.

Week 23

Consider having a maternity photoshoot to capture the beauty of this stage.

Research different diapering options, including cloth and disposable diapers.

Week 24

Continue with prenatal education classes to gain knowledge about labor and delivery.

Begin decorating the nursery and transforming it into a cozy space for your baby.

Week 25

Prepare for your baby shower and share gift ideas with your loved ones.

Research baby monitors for added peace of mind once the baby arrives.

Week 26

Attend a breastfeeding class to prepare for successful nursing.

Personalize the nursery decor and add finishing touches to the room.

Week 27

Take a hospital tour to become familiar with the birthing environment.

Pack a hospital bag with essentials for labor and postpartum care.

Week 28

Celebrate the approach of the third trimester and the final weeks of pregnancy.

Organize a diaper bag with baby essentials for your future outings.

Third Trimester Pregnancy (Week 29 – Week 40)

third trimester mother check her pregnancy with a doctor, week by week pregnancy checklist

The third trimester brings you closer to the much-awaited arrival of your little one. Here’s your week-by-week pregnancy checklist for weeks 29 to 40.

Week 29

Attend prenatal classes focusing on labor positions and pain management.

Research and install a suitable baby car seat in your vehicle.

Week 30

Prepare your home for the baby’s arrival by setting up the nursery.

Consider taking a postpartum class to prepare for the early weeks after birth.

Week 31

Schedule frequent prenatal check-ups as the due date approaches.

Research and decide on baby feeding options, including bottles and breastfeeding accessories.

Week 32

Familiarize yourself with the signs of labor and when to contact your healthcare provider.

Prepare a hospital bag for your partner to ensure they have essentials too.

Week 33

Plan a meet-up with other expecting moms to share experiences and tips.

Ensure your home is babyproofed and install safety gates.

Week 34

Discuss postpartum mental health and support with your healthcare provider.

Prepare your freezer with pre-cooked meals for postpartum convenience.

Week 35

Monitor your baby’s movements and promptly contact your doctor if you notice any changes.

Research baby carriers and wraps for bonding with your newborn.

Week 36

Finalize your birth plan and have a comprehensive discussion with your healthcare provider.

Create a calming playlist or select soothing music for labor and delivery.

Week 37

Pack your hospital bag with essentials for labor and postpartum care.

Install and ensure proper fitting of the baby’s car seat in your vehicle.

Week 38

Double-check your baby registry to ensure you have all necessary items.

Research postpartum care items, including perineal spray and nursing pads.

Week 39

Prioritize rest and self-care in these final days of pregnancy.

Set up a changing station with diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream.

Week 40

Celebrate the due date and prepare for the possibility of overdue labor.

Set up a cozy breastfeeding station with a comfortable chair and nursing pillow.


The journey through pregnancy is a unique and magical time filled with joy, anticipation, and love. By following this comprehensive week-by-week pregnancy checklist, you can stay organized and prepared for each trimester’s milestones. Remember to prioritize self-care, listen to your body, and seek support from your loved ones and healthcare provider. Each step brings you closer to meeting your precious little one, and we wish you a safe and fulfilling childbirth experience. Enjoy your pregnancy journey!

It’s crucial to us at Welovesupermom Malaysia to provide information that is accurate, significant, and comprehensive. However, this should not be used in place of seeking medical counsel or receiving medical care. Welovesupermom Malaysia disclaims any liability for those who decide to consume medications as a result of information found on our website. We advise speaking with your doctor for better information if you have any questions.

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