Supermom Brand Award / Panel of Advisors

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Panel of Advisors

Dr. Lau Kong Cheen​ Associate Professor of Marketing Singapore University of Social Science​ ​

Dr Lau Kong Cheen
Associate Professor of  Marketing Singapore  University of Social  Science

Dr Lau has key interests and in-depth knowledge in Branding and Research in Consumer Behavior. His experience spans numerous organizations from Government agencies, MNCs and SMEs. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in branding and, at the same time, learning from the experience of others

Specialties: Expert in branding and research. Has written and published numerous research papers and articles on brand personality, extension and consumer behaviour.

Luke Lim​ Executive Chairman of Supermom​

Luke Lim
Executive Chairman of Supermom

Luke founded and directed Louken Group to become one of Singapore leading branding, digital and communication agency, winning top local agency of the year award for 15 consecutive years, awarded as the top 26 most innovative local companies by MTI and E50 awards, a testimony of the good work achieved by the leadership team. He joined Supermom as Co-founder in 2015.

Fibra Amukti​ Editor In Chief Mommiesdaily​ ​

Fibra Amukti
Editor In Chief Mommiesdaily

Fibra Trias Amukti (Fia) is a proud working mom of two teenage boys and puppies, with 17 years of experience as a writer, editor and journalist, who is very passionate about parenting, mental health issues and women empowerment. She loves to share her experiences as a mom, as a woman, the struggles and cheers on the hardship of motherhood. She knows the importance of healthy family relationships.  

Mia Amalia​ Business Coach, Podcaster, Writer​

Mia Amalia
Certified Coach​​

Mia has an extensive experience in the media industry, especially in magazine and script writing for TV, movie and radio, and writing in general. She manages her nutrition and health supplement business and is a certified business coach. Since 2021, she has had a podcast on Podme Network named Love Your Life.

Soeprapto Tan​ Managing Director IPSOS Indonesia​ ​

Soeprapto Tan
Managing Director of IPSOS Indonesia

Soeprapto is a seasoned and passionate leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. He has rich experiences of more than 20+ years within the research industry and has been exposed to many research solutions and the latest research technique.