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Supermom Brand Award - Quantifying Brand Trust for Family Household Brands​

Since 2018, Supermom Brand Award in Singapore has been successfully recognizing the best products and services to help moms make their lifestyle decisions for themselves, their babies and indeed, their families.​

In 2023, for the first time, Supermom’s annual recognition of the most trusted brands and services will make its way to Indonesia.​ The Inaugural Indonesia Edition is the first brand award for families in Indonesia that quantify brand trust, 100% consumer-VOTED.

Dr. Lau Kong Cheen​ Associate Professor of Marketing Singapore University of Social Science​ ​

Why participate in the inaugural Supermom Brand Award 2023 – Indonesia?

“Supermom Brand Award is 100% consumer-voted, where we quantify brand trust amongst brands that purchased and loved by families. Top voted brands means that your brand is TRIED and TRUSTED by families in Indonesia. It means parents can trust your brands to make their lives easier. It also means parents click on that BUY button and recommend it to their peers with that confidence. That is why taking home a Supermom Brand Award makes such a difference to your business.”


Dr. Lau Kong Cheen

Chairman of the Board of Advisory of Supermom Brand Awards 2023 |
Associate Professor of Marketing, Singapore University of Social Sciences

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