Supermom Brand Award / Award Categories

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Award Category: Moms & Babies (Platinum, Gold, Silver)

Best Diaper

baby food icon supermom award

Best Baby Food

Baby Snack icon supermom awards

Best Baby Snack

breastfeeding essentials

Best Breastfeeding Product

baby bottle icon

Best Feeding Bottle

baby skincare cream

Best Baby Personal Care

Best Mommy Personal Care

Best Mommy Personal Care

Best Stroller

Best Toy

Award Category: Families (Platinum, Gold, SIlver)

Best Family Health Supplement

family insurance icon

Best Family Insurance institution


Best Family Restaurant

attraction land

Best Family Attraction


Best Family Hospital

smart home logo

Best Family Smart Appliance

shopping cart

Best Family Retailer

Online Platform

Best Online Platform For Household Purchase

Digital Payment

Best Digital Payment Platform

Special Awards

New Local Brand of the Year

New International Brand of the Year

The Social Impact Award