What is weaning & when should I start it with my baby?

Many moms attest to the importance of breastfeeding your little one, and the benefits of breastfeeding include a good bonding time between you and your baby. But as they grow, you should slowly start to wean off your baby from breastfeeding alone, to include a diet that combines solid food and breastmilk.

For new parents, weaning may sound like a new parenting milestone - a new challenge that needs plenty of research and reading but fret not! We’ve got some tips here for you! 

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So what does weaning mean and when should it be done? Weaning is a process of switching your infant’s diet from breastmilk only to solid food or fluids and your baby will go through one or more of this weaning process. All types of process work best when they are done gradually over weeks, months, or even longer.

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Health, parents are recommended to introduce a good balance of solid food to their babies by 6 months of age. This helps to provide them with the required nutrition for healthy development and growth. Even though solid food is being introduced, milk should still be their staple.

Kids Clinic Singapore actually recommends parents to swap out 1 milk feed with solid foods. Once your baby is used to being fed with solids, parents can slowly increase the number of solid feeds to 2 times a day.

Iron-fortified rice cereals are some of the common food that most parents use to wean their baby as it helps to meet the baby’s increased need for dietary iron. Don’t forget to include in vegetables and fruits too as they provide vitamin C which helps in iron absorption.

How do I know when is my baby ready?

Usually, signs of a baby that is ready to wean will normally happen when they start to crawl or when they are able to sit steady in an upright position with support and can hold head up. He or she may slowly display the lost of interest in your breast. By then, it is time to slowly introduce solid food & fluid to them.

Experts also recommend to slowly wean your baby when your family is not under a lot of stress as this a new phase your baby is slowly trying to get used to and it takes a lot of patience and guidance from parents too.  

Try to establish an eating routine for your little and once they are used to it, the process will become easier and more enjoyable. Minimise distraction when you are trying to wean your baby. Avoid switching on the television or having toys nearby when they are eating. 

Time to introduce your little ones to milk bottles or baby-friendly tableware!


As you start to wean your baby, this is the best time for you to introduce milk bottle or baby-friendly tableware.

Try out Herobility HeroEco-Line - tableware and baby bottles made for the next generation. Their range of products are hygienic, safe, and more sustainable option to regular plastic.

Fun fact, their Eco-line products are made with corns too. The protein and fibres of corns are separated for food and the cornstarch is later transformed into bioplastic. While growing, corn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce global warming. It can be recycled back to nature through industrial composting. 

At Herobilty, they believe that parents are the heroes filled with wisdom, strength and security in the eyes of their children. All Hero-products are created by parents for parents, supporting you and your child on the way.

The idea of Herobility came about when founder and CEO Mikael Bergström was expecting his second son back in 2013 and discovered that baby bottles all looked the same as they did 7 years before. When he and his wife were expecting their daughter Alva, development really got underway. The main objective of making this brand alive was to give their daughter the best possible products, that are safe, comfortable and easy to use and hence in February 2017, Herobility was officially launched, and quickly became a success!

Check out their 2 best selling items:

HeroEco Bottle
Our most beloved baby bottle, in eco-friendly materials.


The world’s first eco-friendly baby bottle made with glass and plant-based material, creating a new category of environmentally conscious baby products. HeroEcoBottle comes with a protective silicone sleeve which gives you a steady grip. The collar and mixer lid are made from corn, creating a baby bottle that’s completely free from traditional plastic.

It’s safe for your child, kinder to the planet. The unique, breast-like shape of the teat feels natural for the baby and encourages a wide-open latch. Consumer testing shows that 97% of babies accept the baby bottle nipple, making the transition from breast to bottle easier.

• Safe eco-friendly materials.
• Impact-resistant and safe glass.
• Ergonomic nipple accepted by 97% of babies.
• Heat-resistant, dishwasher and microwave-save.
• No more mess in the nipple when mixing.

HeroEcoFeeding Starter pack
The complete set for mess-free eating. 


With HeroEcoFeeding Starter pack you get more than just an ordinary silicone mat – this is truly one of a kind! Our patent-pending suction design makes it almost impossible to move when placed on a smooth and flat surface.

Attach the included HeroEcoPlate using vacuum by pressing it firmly onto HeroPlacemat. This makes the plate impossible to tip but easy to remove for easy heating and cleaning. HeroBib Connect gives extra protection for your child’s outfit thanks to the unique design and magnetic connection when used with HeroPlacemat. No more stains in the lap! Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. No more messy dinners!

• Attachable plate and bib.
• Non-slip mat stays on the table.
• Compatible with most high chair trays. Colours
• Dishwasher safe.
• Bring it anywhere!
• Lid included for saving leftovers .

Where can I purchase Herobility products?

Interested in this innovative baby feeding products from Herobility? Then you are at the right place!

Enjoy 20% off Herobility products at the Takashimaya Christmas Fair (Level 4), starting from 1 December 2019. 

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