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Experience and shop at the largest baby & maternity fair in Asia.

Be prepared to experience a fair like you've never seen before, both in terms of sheer size and the numbers of brands available.


See thousands of baby products from local & international brands.

From baby cots, to strollers to kids clothes, we offer the largest and most diverse selection of baby products available anywhere in Asia.


Always be the first to access our latest and exclusive deals.

When it comes to deals, we always make sure they are exclusive, with the lowest price reserved only for our members.


Win freebies and giveaways through our fun quizzes and lucky draws.

From iPhones to giant baby hampers, win great prizes through our fun lucky draws, quizzes and competitions. 


Be a part of the largest community of mothers all across Asia.

Instantly connect with other moms and dads on dozens of our social media channels. Ask questions and get helpful replies.


Get advice from doctors and experts on parenting, pregnancy and health. 

From pregnancy care to mummies health, we keep you updated on the latest advice from doctors and medical experts.


Shop online 24/7, from the comfort of your home with hassle-free delivery.

Our online marketplace brings our baby fair right into your home. Browse thousands of products, see reviews and shop with ease.


Get exclusive special passes to seminars, classes and workshops.

Find out about classes catered specially for moms and dads. Learn from top experts, book authors and many more.


Join the largest support group for pregnant moms on Facebook.

We have dedicated community groups for expecting mothers, to support and guide you every single step of the way. 


Stay on top of the latest news and tips on baby care and parenting.

Our in-house editor curates the best content online, so you don't have to. Get helpful and practicals tips delivered to your inbox.


Get invited to free events that are created specially for moms and dads.

Our events bring all our members together to celebrate special occasions and just hang out. Members get free passes. 


Hang out with our SuperMoms  influencers and ambassadors.

Meet with your favourite influencers and mommie ambassadors in real life! You know them online, now you can meet them in person.

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