SuperMom Awards Winners 2022

Winning Categories


Best Sensitive Skincare

A proper skincare regime is essential for all new mums and babies. Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, while mums may have skin-related issues. Introducing renowned plant-based dermatology brand from France, A-Derma. Their skin care products are formulated with Rhealba® Oat, the purest oat with highest concentration of anti-inflammatory properties.

Euky Bear

Best Baby Vaporizer

It’s common for young children to get cough or respiratory infection. The Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer is recommended for colds, flu, croup and bronchitis. It helps your little one breathe easier and sleep better all night. The Euky Bear Warm Steam Vaporizer aids in the loosening of phlegm and congestion in the chest and nose, allowing for easier breathing.


Best Probiotics for Kids & Mums

FAMIBIOTICS strengthens our immune system and protects our digestive system, giving us a healthy gut! It also supports brain and cognitive development for kids and iron absorption for expectant & lactating mothers. It's the World's First Probiotics with Lactoferrin and DHA to nourish you and your child with a comprehensive innovation for pregnant mums and kids.


Best Family Domestic Helper Agency

With rising ageing population and many families of dual-income households striving to achieve balance with their busy schedules, it will not come as a surprise when you start thinking about hiring a domestic helper in Singapore. Imtidad is committed to assist families who needs an extra help at home so that parents can spend quality time with their children.

Pearlie White

Best Kids’ Oral Care

Keep your child’s teeth and gums clean to protect against infection, cavities and pain. A home-grown Singapore brand, Pearlie White, is all about “Smarter Ways To A Healthier Smile!”. Pearlie White has an innovative range of toothpastes with advanced formula that are incredibly effective at removing plaque, yet they're especially mild on children's gums and teeth.

Similac Mum

Best Maternal Milk

Similac Mum is the most complete maternal milk with 27 essential vitamins and minerals suitable for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It is healthier choice maternal milk as it has lowest fat content and low Glycaemic index (GI), so that mothers maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy, and is suitable for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Similac Organic

Best Organic Stage 3 Formula Milk

Beyond brand and budget, parents always want the best for their child when it comes to baby formula, and for some, that means going fully organic. Choosing formula milk that is organic and made from natural ingredients is safer and healthier choice for growth and development. Similac Organic is non-GMO and packed with numerous nutritional benefits.


Best Bird’s Nest

A bird’s nest provides the essential proteins (amino acids) that help us sleep better, relieve stress and anxiety, and reduce stretch marks. Besides the nourishing properties, it is also a Superfood and the list goes on. Recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers because of its endless benefits and it builds our immunity.


Best Water Purifier

Wells The One is a tankless instant hot & cold water purifier that saves time, effort and space! There is also a milk formula option of 50°C to make parents' lives easier when it comes to making formula milk for your little one. It self-sterilises every 3 days to ensure the pipes are maintained at top-notch cleanliness.


Supplement for Babies

Colief offers a range of gentle products that provide soothing comfort to babies and children. Colief’s scientific knowledge and proven expertise in colic caused by temporary lactose intolerance informed the development of Colief Infant Drops two decades ago. A range of products under the Colief brand includes Colief Vitamin D3 Drops and Colief Baby Scalp Oil.

Taste of Jing Yang

New Brand of the Year

Recommended for pregnant women, post-partum women, and children, Taste of Jing Yang Concentrated Chicken Essence will relieve fatigue and energize the mind and body. The high amount of natural antioxidants makes it efficient for recovery from mental and physical exhaustion. It contains 22 important amino acids that will nourish the human body to function optimally.

Connected SG

New Brand of the Year

Personality test but better, introducing Connected, a digital playbook where parents can get tailored content and insights on personality assessment across 25 unique aspects of personality. Let Connected help you understand yourself and your children. This will nurture stronger relationships with your family through deeper understanding.

Yu Dian

New Brand of the Year

With proper nutrition and adequate rest, you can better manage your overall health so can you be the best version of yourself, hence, better to care for your family! We highly recommend supplementing a well-balanced diet with Yu Dian, Traditional Drip Chicken Essence, to help reduce tiredness and boost recovery from mental and physical fatigue.

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