SuperMom Awards Winners 2020

Congratulations to all SuperMom Awards Winners!

After months of nomination and voting, the parenting community have spoken and voted for the following 
products and services as being the BEST in its respective categories.

Winning Categories

Mission Critical Baby Carrier - System 01

New Product Awards
Patrick, Father of 2

So far, so good. Got this for bringing my baby on all my outdoor adventures and he seems to enjoy it.

Osann Neo360 Convertible Car Seat | Group 0+/1/2/3

New Product Awards
Jenny A., Mom of 1

I’m impressed with the quality and ranges of ages that can use the seat.

Bonbijiou Cruise 2020 Car Seat

New Product Awards
Nurul, Mom of 3

Loving Bonbijou’s Cruise 2020 car seat for its ability to convert into a backless booster seat! Future proofing!

Keenz Strongest Yommy High Chair

New Product Awards
Mum of 1-year-old toddler

Push handle & wheels are stable & easy to move baby around when baby eats while I clean the house.

THEO Multi-Evolutive Bed

New Product Awards
Mum of 3-year-old

Save space and even better…saves money! Best investment for multi-uses, for bed, storage & playtime.

Zibos Anta Bedside Crib

New Product Awards
Mum of 3

Good buy to save space! Can use as rocker, playpen and crib without having to buy multiple products.


Local Brand Awards
Bjorn C.

Their baby apparels are no doubt one of the best looking ones you see in all baby fairs!


Local Brand Awards
Janice, Mum of 3-month-old newborn

Choosing Hegen bottles was one of the best decisions as it helped prevent my baby from getting nipple confusion.


Local Brand Awards
Elaine W. , mother of two boys, aged 5 & 3

Absolutely love OETEO’s functional and trendy clothes! There is no fiddling with as, zips or snaps while dressing my active baby.

Envy Her

Local Brand Awards
Sharon T., Mom of 2

Excellent products and services!! It really supported my wound during the postpartum recovery and continued to keep my tummy flat!!

Lucky Baby

Local Brand Awards
Gwendolyn, Mum of 4

I would highly recommend this! Not only is it value for money, you’d also be supporting a local enterprise


Local Brand Awards
Jessica L., Mom of 3-month-old

Quoting my hub – “this(Bonbijou) is the best stroller we have!” (FYI we have 3)

Keenz Air Plus 2.0

Most Popular Product Awards
Lindsey M., Mum of 5 Year Old

If you are traveling a lot with your child, this is a perfect example for a lightweight stroller.

Joie Tourist

Most Popular Product Awards
Natalie, Mum of 3

This buggy is so easy to put up and fold down! We don't want a troublesome item with children by our side.

Capella Freemove

Most Popular Product Awards
Crystal, Mum of 1

Good product. Very easy to use. Very light weight.

Aguard Bumperbed

Most Popular Product Awards
Asmira, Mom of 3

Super useful because can use as bed and playtime. Easy to store away also.

Beblum Navuto

Most Popular Product Awards
Mum of 2

When I saw the demo of the Beblum Navuto stroller, I was amazed. The Belblum Navuto could fold by itself!


Most Popular Product Awards
Farah, Mom of Newborn

So comfortable for my baby. Been using this since he was born, I have no regrets even tho a bit ex.

Tula Free To Grow

Best Baby Carrier
Kimberly, Mum of 2

Out of all the baby carriers I have tried, our favourite is Tula, due to ease of use and incredible support.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85

Best Car Seat
Ms Chong, mother of 2

We settled on Pria 85 Max for safety and comfort. Chest clip secures baby. Easy remove washable cover.


Best Compact Stroller
Elaine, Mom of 1

We’d highly recommend the Babyzen Yoyo and consider it the best travel stroller on the market!

Medela Freestyle

Best Breastpump
Rina, Mum of Newborn

Medela Freestyle is a great breast pump which offers Ultra-portability with its lightweight and compact design plus rechargeable built-in battery.

Quinny Hub Mono

Best Full Sized Stroller
Esther, Mum of 3

Awesome pushchair convertible to a double for my toddler and newborn, has a huge shopping basket enough for all items.

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle

Best Baby Bottle
Sophie, Mum of 1

These bottles are amazing! I wish I used them from the beginning as they really are amazing!

Upang Plus

Best UV Steriliser
Ejay, Mum of 2

I love this product! I always try to avoid environmental hormones and this sterilizer is perfect for baby bottles.

OXO Tots High Chair

Best High Chair
Laura A., Mum of 3

I would recommend this product to other mums as the padded seat was obviously really comfortable for my children.


Best Baby Food
Cindy, Mum of an 8-Month-Old

It has great fruits and veggies intake, which makes it much easier for babies to consume!

Pali Cot

Best Cot
Paula, Mum of 2 Years Old

I like its modern looking, understated styling and I give it a good rating as a baby crib.

King Koil Orthoguard

Best Mattress
Jes G., Mum of 3

Loving it because it has an air flow surface breathable mattress! Good ventilation, soft first touch, strong and sturdy, and lightweight.


Best Bumper Bed
Asmira, Mum of 3

Super useful because can use as bed and playtime. Easy to store away also.


Best Playmat
Mina C, Mum of 1

Since we got the parklon mat, it’s now the favourite spot for our little family!

Natural Organic

Best Wipes
Johanna, Mum of 3 Months Old

Really good and gentle on my baby’s skin. Perfectly moist!

7th Generation

Best Laundry Detergent
Joan Yee, Mum of 1

I’ve been through all the baby detergent brands in the market and this by far is the best.


Best Disposable Diaper
Alicia Phua, New Mummy

It’s my go-to on clingy days when my 3-month-old Ellie just won’t let me put her down. She can face outward while I get things done around the house, narrating what I’m doing to keep her interested...

Gaia Natural

Best Skin Care for Babies
Lihui, Mom of 2, Aged 1 & 4

I love using Gaia washes, shampoo and moisturizer. Its natural & organic ingredients work well on child's skin.


Best Liquid Cleanser
Alicia, Mom of 1

As the dishwashing detergent is not formulated with chemicals, both the kiddo’s and my hands were soft and not dried at all.


Best Nursing Bra
Dawn - SG Mom Blogger, Mom of 2

Bra is especially useful when I need to wear more fitting clothes – providing a smooth and seamless silhouette while remaining breastfeeding-friendly


Best Body Shaper
Jade C., Mum of Newborn

Very happy to try on the shapewear. Shapewear is comfortable as there is no metal or hard support in it.

Tian Yuan Xiang

Best Chicken Essence
Mitsueki, Mum of 2

To me, it feels nourishing, homely and tastes “potent” because the chicken essence is super concentrated and full of chicken goodness.

Lao Ban Niang

Best Confinement Food
Jo L., mom of 2

My hands and feet are not cold at all and one added benefit, the terrible backaches I had during pregnancy are gone!

Aptamil Stage 3

Best Milk Formula
Dr. Freda Khoo, Mother of 3

My youngest is 4 now and she still loves her Aptamil! It’s nutritious, great tasting and not too sweet!

Similac Mum

Best Maternal Milk Formula
Ivy H., Mother of 2 (7yo & 2mths old)

Similac Mom is nutritious for pregnant mother & it support me during my breast-feeding journey. It is not too sweet as well

Cheeky Bon Bon

Best waterproof bedsheet
Mrs Loh, mum of 3

I was recommended this skin-friendly bedsheet. I see great improvement in my newborn, who has severe eczema.

Lucky Baby Smart Play yard

Best Play-Yard
Alice T,Mum of 2

Super flexi can assemble into many shapes, safe and no slipping! Great for my child’s learning too.


Best Kids Furniture
Emily C, Mum of 1

The rounded design is great, height can be adjusted with baby's growth, and the pea design is super beautiful!

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