23.2.2020 - SM SKU Zibos Anta Bedside Crib


Zibos Anta Bedside Crib

About Product

Made entirely in Italy by a team of brilliant designers, the Zibos line strives to provide the best designs with the most innovative techniques, focusing on comfort for baby and convenience for parents. Highly functional, the Zibos Anta is able to be used as a Bedside Crib or Play Yard, with 6 position height adjustments, rocking function, wheels and brake. Not only does it conform to EN safety standards, it is suitable from birth up to 9kg for crib and up to 20kg for play yard. Lastly, it includes a travel bag, mosquito net, safety belt and removable mattress cover.

Product Features

Rocking and Brake Function

With the rocking function, parents can safely leave their child in the crib and rock their child to sleep while still being able to attend to other tasks. The brake will also ensure that their child’s safety is ensured at all times.

6 Adjustable Height Positions

The crib can be adjusted and reclined to 6 different heights, ensuring optimal comfort level for each and every child.

Convertible to a Play Yard

The ability for the crib to be converted to a play yard not only allows for your child to have a safe and familiar environment to play in, it also saves plenty of space in the house with this 2-in-1 function.


What Parents think...

Jia Hui, Mum of 3

Good buy to save space! Can use as rocker, playpen and crib without having to buy multiple products.

Xing Yi, Mum of Newborn

Love this for attachment parenting. Multi functions help to keep baby near me around the house

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