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About Product

Based in Singapore, Wink stands out from the rest with its comfortable and breathable fabric -- an essential in Singapore’s hot, humid weather. With a 0% latex and 45% Lycra composition, their shapewear effectively retains coolness yet still allows for compression excellence. The lack of boning in their shapewear also ensures ease of movement. Providing a made to measure tailored shapewear service, each shapewear is customised to a tee for every mummy out there, regardless of how they delivered. Made by mothers for mothers, this ultimate double compression shapewear lets mummies embrace their curves in style and in comfort.

Product Features

Tailor Services

With a made-to-measure tailored shapewear service, each shapewear is custom made to fit each and every mummy’s body. This personalised and customised shapewear ensures that mummies will always experience optimal comfort during their recovery period.


All wink shapewear are made of COMPRESSASOFT fabric, which is recognised by the textile engineering community as the latest “cutting edge” textile technology using state-of-the-art fibers, machinery and design. The fabric ensures that anti-bacterial, moisture control is maintained, so mummies will thoroughly enjoy the optimum compression for effective and comfortable healing.

No Boning

With no boning in all of their shapewear, Wink ensures that mummies’ movements do not have to be limited, allowing them to move around with ease and comfort, while still having the required support and compression.


What Parents think...

Jade C., Mum of Newborn

Very happy to try on the shapewear. Shapewear is comfortable as there is no metal or hard support in it.

Melody, Mum of 1

They are soft and comfortable while still being able to tuck in all my stubborn fats on my postpartum body.

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