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About Product

WAKODO Genki! Fruits And Vegetables Baby Juice (9+ Months) is a healthy and delicious drink that babies find hard to resist! Made with 100% natural fruit and vegetable juice with no artificial sugar, this drink can act as a substitute for babies who refuse to eat vegetables. Packaged in cylindrical paper packets, the drinks can be easily transferred to a baby bottle simply by opening the wide tab seal, providing added convenience. The durable material of the juice packet also prevents spillage or squirting of drinks in cases where baby squeezes the packet, ensuring a clean and fuss-free drinking process.

Product Features

100% Natural Ingredients

The juice is made entirely of 7 types of fresh fruits and vegetables with no artificial fragrance or sugar. This ensures that your baby will only consume natural ingredients, encouraging a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables from young.

Wide Cylindrical Lid

The cylindrical lid is wide and prevents juice from over-spilling when the baby squeezes the juice packet when drinking. By simply opening the wide tab seal, you can transfer the juice to a mug or bottle for easier usage for your child.

Cylindrical Paper Packets

The cylindrical packets make for easier storage and higher portability, allowing parents to conveniently bring the juice packets out for their little ones to consume even when they are on the go.


What Parents think...

Cindy, Mum of an 8-Month-Old

It has great fruits and veggies intake, which makes it much easier for babies to consume!

Vivian, Mum of 2

Really love how natural the juice tastes, gives me a piece of mind as my little ones drink it everyday!

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