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Tian Yuan Xiang

About Product

Known as the leading brand of double boiled chicken essence in Asia, Tian Yuan Xiang’s unique and flavourful sachet packaged chicken essence is unlike any other canned chicken essence. Committed to only using the highest quality ingredients, their chicken essence contains 100% essence extracted from self-raised chickens that have passed the SGS inspection. With a Halal certification, Tian Yuan Xiang caters to different palates with their tailor-made flavours. Not only does it taste of homemade chicken broth, it is able to aid digestion and nourish bodies without mommies gaining weight, making it an ideal choice for pregnancy and throughout confinement.

Product Features

Ease of Consumption

Preparing fresh chicken essence has never been as easy as with Tian Yuan Xiang. With individual sachets of chicken essence already packed in the box, all mummies have to do is to pour it into a bowl and microwave for 1-2 minutes. This fuss-free process provides the ultimate convenience for mummies in their recovery stage.

Highest Quality Ensured

Unlike other chicken essence in the market, Tian Yuan Xiang only use chickens that have been raised for 150 days and are hormone and chemical free. 100% fully made of chicken extract, there are no artificial seasoning or boosters which could compromise on the quality of the chicken essence.

Premium Taste

Made by double boiling the entire chicken for 8 hours, the chicken essence tastes exactly like a bowl of concentrated chicken soup, with no fishy and undesirable smell. Extremely flavourful and rich, the chicken essence has a slight sweetness and fragrant aroma which would certainly delight your taste buds.


What Parents think...

Celes Ng, Mum of 1

it tastes smooth and light! And, didn’t have that sweet aftertaste from bottled chicken essence. It was also REALLY TASTY!

Mitsueki, Mum of 2

To me, it feels nourishing, homely and tastes “potent” because the chicken essence is super concentrated and full of chicken goodness.

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