23.2.2020 - SM SKU THEO Multi-Evolutive Bed


THEO Multi-Evolutive Bed

About Product

For the last 20 years, THÉO™ ’s mission is to design and produce quality baby furniture to create a bedroom that provides a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for your baby’s growing years and progress to childhood. Convertible from a cot to a junior bed to a desk, the THÉO™ multi-evolutive bed is a multifunctional furniture designed to suit your different needs while saving space. Using sustainably sourced materials, THÉO™ furniture is designed with responsibility towards our environment. The different scalable accessories allow a prolonged usage of furniture over the years as your baby grows to a child and beyond.

Product Features

Baby Bed with Extra Storage

Equipped with a drawer on wheels, the baby bed configuration will give you extra storage space under the bed, allowing your child’s essentials and toys to be stored near them for the ultimate convenience.

Low Bed

With a lower railing as compared to the baby bed, the low bed allows for children to get in and out of the bed on their own, letting children be independent yet at the same time provide the required safety precautions to protect children when they are sleeping.


The multi-evolutive bed can be used as a sofa or seating area for your child once they are capable of sitting up on their own unaided, giving your child a different and innovative option from the typical beds out there.


The multi-evolutive bed can be configured to be a desk once children start to pick up activities, allowing them to have a personal corner to draw, read, etc., while being in the comfort of their own room.


What Parents think...

Sarah C., Mum of 3-year-old

Save space and even better…saves money! Best investment for multi-uses, for bed, storage & playtime.

Naomi, Mum of 3

Love the soft closing hinges so my kid's fingers don’t get caught. Best buy for multi-purpose bed.

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