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Similac Mum

About Product

Similac Mum is committed to what matters most: life. We believe a healthy baby starts with a healthy mum. Our purpose for decades has been to passionately and thoughtfully translate science into nutrition that supports the healthy growth and development of your baby. With 27 essential vitamins, minerals and prebiotics (FOS), Similac Mum is formulated to be the lowest in fat and most complete maternal milk in the market. Additionally, its low GI content makes it the most suitable maternal milk for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Product Features

EyeQPlus Nutrition System

Scientifically formulated to support the increased nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mums, the eyeQPlus is now enhanced with natural vitamin E to boost nutrition absorption for mummies during their recuperation period.

Lowest in Fat & Calories

Similac mum has the lowest fat and calorie content among all other maternal milk formulas, making it the ideal option for mummies who want to restore their body’s nutrients without any weight gain.

DHA Rich

DHA is a fat naturally found in breast milk, and is an important building block for the brain and the eye. With its high DHA content, Similac Mum milk formula is able to constantly maintain a high level of DHA in mummies, helping to ensure that their baby receives the nutrients that they require.


What Parents think...

Lafin L., Mum of 4 (8 yo daughter, 6 yo son & Currently pregnant with twin baby girls)

Similac Mum has been providing good nutrient needs for me since 8 years ago when I carried my #1.

Ivy H., Mum of 2 (7yo & 2mths old)

“Similac Mom is nutritious for pregnant mother & it support me during my breast-feeding journey. It is not too sweet as well.

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