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About Product

Free of any known allergens and certified to be hypoallergenic, PiPPER’s liquid cleanser is made of premium quality ingredients that are known to be milder and less hazardous, yet equally effective in removing stains and cleaning milk bottles. The dishwashing liquid cuts through grease and grime with pineapple enzymes, leaving your dishes sparkling clean with a mild citrus scent from natural essential oils. Especially important for babies and parents with sensitive skin, these natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients ensure a safer cleaning process that leaves behind no residue or toxins after washing.

Product Features

Pineapple Enzymes

Made from pineapple extract, Pipper’s dishwashing liquid only makes use of natural ingredients and preservatives, making it easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the use of pineapples and essential oils allow your dishes to have a mild citrus scent that is neither harmful nor overpowering.


Pipper’s products all have hypoallergenic certifications, non-irritation certifications, and are free of all known allergens. This ensures that there are no harmful ingredients in the dishwashing liquid, making it softer on the skin and is even suitable for people with skin conditions and dry skin.

Can Be Used to Washed Fruits

Unlike other stronger dishwashing liquid in the market, Pipper has a dual usage. Not only is it used to wash and clean all your baby’s items and dishes, it can also be used to safely wash fruits and vegetables due to its all-natural ingredients.


What Parents think...

Alicia, Mum of 1

As the dishwashing detergent is not formulated with chemicals, both the kiddo’s and my hands were soft and not dried at all.

Kate, Mum of 2

We’ve been seriously amazed at PiPPER STANDARD’s efficacy; the fact that it’s helping to rid our home of dangerous chemicals.

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