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About Product

Having come a long way and having expanded into Malaysia, Pee-Ka-Poo constantly upholds their mission of Making Parenting Easier. Being the first 3rd generation diaper to use cotton instead of wood pulp, their diapers are more breathable and better liquid absorbers, providing the solution to leakages, abrasions and rashes. Adorned with cute animal prints, their diapers are designed to educate and keep little ones occupied during diaper changing. Pee-Ka-Poo believes in fairness of pricing; thus, prices are maintained across all types and sizes. Furthermore, unopened diaper exchange is allowed as they believe in the flexibility to better suit parents’ needs.

Product Features

Cute Printed Design

Pee-Ka-Poo’s diapers have cute animal prints or designs on them, unlike the other diapers in the market, allowing parents to educate their baby and keep them occupied during diaper changing.

Permasorp core

The diaper is thinner and more comfortable than traditional diapers, yet much more absorbent, reducing the chances of your baby’s diaper overflowing and preventing leakage.

Highly Stretchable Waistband

The broader and more stretchable waistband makes movement much more convenient and less restricting, allowing your child to move about freely and comfortably.


What Parents think...

Abella, Mum of 2 Year Old

Baby girl with her favourite @peekapoobaby diapers! Absolutely the best; great absorbency and I never had a leaky diaper thereafter!

MaiSarah, Mum of 3

My baby girls love the comfort and I love how it holds the pee despite them running and jumping around!

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