23.2.2020 - SM SKU Osann Neo360 Convertible Car Seat


Osann Neo360 Convertible Car Seat | Group 0+/1/2/3

About Product

Being the only car seat in the market featuring a 360 degree rotation, the Osann Neo360 Convertible Car seat has all the best features a car seat should possess, all at a reasonable price. The multiple recline positions and memory foam with removable cushions provides the utmost comfort for your baby, from birth to 36kg. Not only does it conform to European safety standards ECE R44/04, it is also specially equipped with individually adjustable iso-fix connectors, making installation a breeze for parents.

Product Features

360 Degrees Rotation

Featuring a 360° rotation and multi-position recline, the Osann Neo car seat can be easily rotated to face multiple directions and be reclined to suit each child’s comfort. When the car seat is rearward facing, the seat can be easily rotated to the side to allow parents to place their child into the car seat with ease. Moreover, the seat can also be fitted rearward facing with the seat belt.

12 Adjustable Height Positions

The headrest of the car seat is fully adjustable to different positions. As the safety harness is integrated with the headrest, the harness will automatically adjust when the headrest is shifted, ensuring that your child’s safety is not compromised even during adjustments of the car seat.

Isofix Installation

The Isofix system allows for a quick and easy installation of the car seat in the vehicle. With the extendable Isofix connectors, the Neo360° can be individually adapted to each car seat, providing parents with ease and convenience on-the-go.

Head Cushion and Side Impact Protection

The softly padded comfort insert supports the child in the correct lying position right from the start, while the additional head cushion provides the necessary support. Furthermore, the side impact protection ensures that your child’s head and neck is thoroughly supported and cushioned from all angles.


What Parents think...

Jenny A., Mum of 1

I’m impressed with the quality and ranges of ages that can use the seat.

Nadya M.,Mum of 2

Works great for my 6 months bb & 3 y/o toddler. I never have to buy multiple car seats ever again!

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