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Natural Organic

About Product

With the highest rating in dermatological testing, Natural Organic wipes has certifications from Korea, USA, UK, Germany and Japan, making it one of the safest organic multi-purpose baby wipes in the market. This unscented infant friendly product is suitable for sensitive skin due to its non-toxicity, allergy-free properties, and is 99.9% natural with ultra-pure water. Made in Korea, the wipes come in antibacterial packaging with an easy one-hand system for added convenience. Specially made to order, Natural Organic ensures the highest and most premium quality organic wipes at the most valuable price, aiming to exceed customers’ expectations at all times.

Product Features

Non-Irritant Certified

Special 'churros' type (line pattern) embossing that is gentle for baby's skin. Unique to Parklon playmat only, the special ‘churros’ type (line pattern) embossing on the mat surface is known to be gentle on your baby’s skin, allowing your child to crawl about and roll around without any abrasions or cuts to their skin.

Moisturising Effect

Made with fine craftsmanship, the parklon mat has well sealed edges with a level of thickness that is comfortable and long lasting. As premium material was used in the making of the mat, the cushion firmness will remain over time and the life span of the mat will be prolonged.

Antibacterial Cap

When the playmat is not in use, it can be conveniently stored by simply rolling it up and storing it away without occupying much space. For a longer period of storage, it is recommended to be stored in a cooler place.


What Parents think...

Johanna, Mum of 3 Months Old

Really good and gentle on my baby’s skin. Perfectly moist!

Safeena, Mum of 2

Free of toxic material for baby skin. One hand system is convenient and wipes is allergy friendly.

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