23.2.2020 - SM SKU Mission Critical Baby Carrier - System 01

SuperMom Awards 2020

Mission Critical Baby Carrier - System 01

About Product

Mission Critical is the first baby carrier designed with dads in mind, honouring dads as an integral part of parenting. Fostering a close bond between a father and child during early stages of childhood will boost a child’s confidence, improve emotional security, and encourage social connections. The fully customisable carrier with MOLLE system and 4-step process allows for a no fuss method of securing your baby in the carrier. Equipped with a stowable sunshade, the carrier is suitable for days out. With Mission Critical, dads can get closer to their child, physically and emotionally, all while ensuring their child’s comfort.

Product Features

Safe and Secure

With a simple four-step process, your baby can be safely and securely seated in the carrier. Not only does the vest design ensure that your baby’s safety is guaranteed, dad’s mobility would also not be compromised as the carrier can be easily adjusted to better suit each carrier’s preference.

Removable Liner

With the removable snap-in liner, parents do not have to worry about maintaining the carrier as they can easily toss it in the washing machine to wash and clean, allowing for a quick and fuss-free cleaning process. A messy baby would no longer be a problem as clean-up is now easier than ever.

Sun Shade

During days out, the sun shade can easily snap into place to shelter and protect your baby from the hot sun, allowing them to rest and nap undisturbed from any elements. When the shade is not in use, it can conveniently be stashed away in the front zip pocket, ensuring that it is within reach when needed.

Mesh Ventilation

Not only does the carrier cater to baby’s comfort, Mission Critical also makes sure that dads have an enjoyable experience while carrying their baby. The air mesh lining on the chest and back of the carrier allows for optimum breathability and ventilation, ensuring that dads will be kept comfortable and cool at all times.

MOLLE Webbing

Fully customisable to suit each individual’s needs, the carrier can be used to store items required on the-go. The Molle Webbing allows for dad’s and child’s essentials to be kept close by as important accessories can be easily attached to the front and back of the webbing.


What Parents think...

Patrick, Father of 2

So far, so good. Got this for bringing my baby on all my outdoor adventures and he seems to enjoy it.

Brian, Father of 1

My son loves it and it’s easy to use. Comfortable for us and easy to clean. Bonus, you look super cool rocking it!

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