23.2.2020 - SM SKU Medela Freestyle Flex

SuperMom Awards 2020

Medela Freestyle Flex

About Product

Committed to supporting every breastmilk-feeding mother, Medela has worked with researchers in breastmilk for over 50 years to support mothers with their knowledge, expertise, and unique range of Swiss-made breast pumps.Known as the trusted choice of healthcare professionals worldwide,the Medela Freestyle Flex combines modern design with trusted Medela technology to enable mums to pump whenever and wherever needed, without compromise on performance. Proven to be 100% comfortable on the skin, adaptability and comfort is enhanced for mummies with the improved efficiency and quality of the Medela Freestyle Flex, giving mummies a peace of mind for better pumping.

Product Features

Multifunctional Interface

Designed with an intuitive multifunctional cap touch display, mummies can conveniently make use of the touch screen display to toggle between the settings and functions of the Medela Freestyle Flex.

Enhanced Connectivity

Equipped with a bluetooth function, the Medela Freestyle Flex is able to connect to an app which enables mummies to track and monitor their pumping progress easily through their phones.

Charge on the Go

The Medela Freestyle Flex has a USB port, which makes charging easier than ever. Mummies can power up and charge the pump anywhere, ensuring that the pump can be used whenever needed.

Lightweight and Portable

Easily fitting in the palm, the Medela Freestyle Flex is the definition of convenient. Light and compact, pumping will no longer be a hassle as it is able to fit into bags and be carried out with mummies wherever they go.

360° Rotation

With a 360° rotation, the Medela PersonalFit Flex breast shield has a unique design that can be easily adapted to suit your shape. This means that it can be customised for maximum comfort as well as increased milk production from each pumping session.

Delayed Start

Especially useful for double pumping, the delayed start function allows for mummies to leave their hands free to put breast shields in place without rushing, giving them an extra 10 seconds before pumping begins.


What Parents think...

Zi Lin, Mum of Newborn

Connects to My Medela app to track pumping sessions and which breast is more engorged to feed baby!

Gladdys, Mum of 2

Cordless and touch screen so I can multitask easier and pumping becomes 100% hands-free! Great buy!

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