23.2.2020 - SM SKU Medela Freestyle


Medela Freestyle

About Product

Committed to supporting every breastmilk-feeding mother, Medela has worked with researchers in breastmilk for over 50 years to support mothers with their knowledge, expertise, and unique range of Swiss-made breast pumps. The Medela Freestyle is the trusted choice of healthcare professionals worldwide and aims to make feeding easier and more comfortable by using removable and rechargeable battery to enable charging wherever. It also boasts a user friendly interface - LCD display with buttons to operate the pump. Furthermore, it comes complete with a cooler bag and breast pump bag to enable mums to pump anywhere, anytime.

Product Features

2-Phase Expression Technology

Medela Freestyle stimulates your baby’s natural suckling behaviour and offers the utmost comfort during usage. The “Stimulation Phase” will first help to stimulate milk flow during initial pumping before transitioning to the “Expression Phase” once the milk flow has increased and stabilized. All this can be easily achieved with a touch of the ‘let down’ button.

Digital Backlit Display

The digital display with timer and backlight is perfect for late night pumping sessions, allowing mothers to pump in the dark without disturbing their child and without constantly tracking the time.

Memory Function

Records your previous pump session, enabling you to set a comfortable suction level which becomes automatically triggered when you turn on the pump, letting you return to your favourite pump pattern instantly.


What Parents think...

Rina, Mum of Newborn

Medela Freestyle is a great breast pump which offers Ultra-portability with its lightweight and compact design plus rechargeable built-in battery.

Jas, Mum of 1

Great pump that works very well. this is recommended by a friend and the brand is trusty too. good buy!

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