23.2.2020 - SM SKU MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle


MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle

About Product

The MAM Easy Start™ Anti-Colic is the ideal bottle for newborns, and is trusted by millions of moms worldwide. Accepted by 94% of babies, the unique flat-shaped skinsoft silicone teat allows for a familiar feeding, letting babies feel at ease. The spill-proof lid keeps dirt out of the bottle, protecting your baby from harmful germs. Furthermore, with the integrated scale, the lid can work as a measuring cup, regardless of amounts. With an innovative vented base, colic, gas and regurgitation is effectively reduced and an even drinking flow is ensured, letting babies enjoy a relaxed feeding at a comfortable pace.

Product Features

Vented Base

Thanks to the patented vented base, babies using MAM are able to drink at their own pace, relaxed and without interruption. This relaxed feeding helps to provide an even drinking flow and prevents colic by reducing gas and regurgitation in babies.

Skinsoft Silicone Teat

Its unique flat shape allows for a familiar feeding experience by fitting perfectly in your baby’s mouth, and is thus easily accepted by babies who have just started bottle feeding.

Spill-Proof Lid

The spill proof lid is able to keep dirt out and protect your baby from harmful bacteria. Additionally, the lid also works as a measuring cup due to the integrated scale, making it suitable for measuring even the smallest amounts.


What Parents think...

Sophie, Mum of 1

These bottles are amazing! I wish I used them from the beginning as they really are amazing!

Rachel, Mum of 3

We love the MAM bottles! Will definitely be using these bottles in the future should we have any more children.

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