23.2.2020 - SM SKU King Koil Orthoguard


King Koil Orthoguard

About Product

Being the preferred brand by 5-star hotels and ICA (International Chiropractic Association) approved, King Koil is Singapore’s no.1 best selling mattress. With a mattress that is neither too hard or too soft, your baby will receive the fullest support while ensuring they remain relaxed at all times. With OrthoGuard, air circulation is maintained and unhealthy heat accumulation is avoided, ensuring breathability and ventilation throughout your baby’s sleep. Furthermore, the mattress is treated with ultra fresh treatment, inhibiting growth of dust mites and eliminating unwanted smells, making sure your baby has a clean and hygienic environment to rest in.

Product Features

100% Natural Latex

It provides a responsive surface for pressure relief and optimal lumbar support. Othoguard also minimizes the retention and accumulation of moisture and heat, allowing temperature to be regulated.


This inhibits growth of dust mites, mould, mildew and fungi and also eliminates unwanted smells. On top of this, it contains enzymes and minerals that help nourish the skin, preventing eczema. Together, they provide your little one with the ultimate sleeping experience.

Anti-Mosquitoes Treatment

It acts on the nervous system of insects, preventing them from staying in contact with the mattress and leaving immediately. This human-safe and environmentally friendly substance aids in the prevention of Zika and Dengue viruses.


What Parents think...

Jake, Father of 1

The mattress is very breathable, which is great for those who oversleep!

Jes G., Mum of 3

Loving it because it has an air flow surface breathable mattress! Good ventilation, soft first touch, strong and sturdy, and lightweight.

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