23.2.2020 - SM SKU Keenz Yommy High Chair


Keenz Yommy High Chair

About Product

The Keenz Yommy High Chair is designed with safety and functionality in mind. This stylish high chair has a super sturdy frame which can hold up to 20kg, making it very stable. With adjustable seats, the high chair is customisable, making it not only comfortable for baby, but also easy for maintenance. Furthermore, there is a huge storage basket underneath the high chair which provides easy access to store items that baby might need during mealtime. With its improved "Automatic Braking & One-Touch Pushing System", the high chair can be pushed around easily even with the baby sitting in it!

Product Features

Large Storage Basket

With a large storage basket under the high chair, parents will be able to store their child’s mealtime essentials in the basket, allowing for mealtime to be more convenient.

Double Feeding Tray

The feeding tray can be conveniently removed and washed immediately after usage, allowing for a quick clean-up in the events of spillage and messes.

Unique Frame Structure

The sturdy frame of the high chair was designed to ensure there would be a lower centre of gravity when in use. This would result in greater stability and security as there the possibility of the chair toppling or being moved is lower.

Automatic Braking and One-Touch Pushing System

The brake is always on as a safety precaution to prevent the high chair from being carelessly pushed around when your child is on it. To move the chair, parents have to simply press a button to release the brake and the high chair can now be easily pushed around.


What Parents think...

Jesslyn, Mum of 1-year-old toddler

Push handle & wheels are stable & easy to move baby around when baby eats while I clean the house.

Nancy D., Mum of 15-months-old toddler

Storage space underneath is big enough to put utensils so mealtimes become a breeze to feed my kiddo.

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