23.2.2020 - SM SKU Keenz Air Plus 2.0


Keenz Air Plus 2.0

About Product

Focused on designing products that are not only innovative and functional, but also affordable and fun, Keenz strives to provide the best environment that encourages the safe and wholesome upbringing of children. Unlike other strollers, Keenz Air Plus 2.0 can be steered easily even with a 40L ultra-high capacity basket with canopy. Capable of holding up till 30kg, the high stability stroller can hold up to 7kg on its handle bar alone without toppling, even with an empty seat and basket. Furthermore, the stroller comes patented with many original freebies. Most importantly, maintenance cost is the lowest in the market.

Product Features

Ultra High-Capacity Storage Basket

Featuring the largest storage basket in the world for a compact stroller, the Keenz Air Plus 2.0 can store up to 40L in the basket alone, making it the ideal stroller for a day out with your pet or for a shopping trip to the mall.

High Quality Wheel System

The 4 wheel suspension system has the ability to absorb shock from the ground,allowing for a comfortable and safer riding experience. Furthermore, the patented ball bearings technology ensures that steering remains smooth and functional regardless of terrain and surface. Lastly, the Keenz Air Plus 2.0 also features a one-step braking system which provides added convenience and enhanced safety.

Ease of Folding

With a one-second folding system, the Keenz Air Plus 2.0 can be easily folded, providing additional assistance for parents who are constantly travelling or on the move. Moreover, with its compact structure and frame after folding, the stroller can be conveniently brought with you on the plane as it is cabin friendly.

5 Point Harness System

Designed to provide enhanced protection for your baby at all times, parents will be able to confidently travel along with your baby without worry as the harness system and double locking mechanism of the stroller provides double protection at all times.


What Parents think...

Lindsey M., Mum of 5 Year Old

If you are traveling a lot with your child, this is a perfect example for a lightweight stroller.

Janice, Mum of 2

Even when loaded with kid and kaboodle, steering remains true and accurate – another safety plus.

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