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About Product

Known as a leading brand in Korea specialising in home furniture, Iloom designs and creates functional, innovative and unique furniture for kids. Ranging from adjustable chairs to desks to beds, Iloom ensures that they cater to different needs and requirements of children as they enter the different stages of childhood. Not only are the interactive furniture able to stimulate and develop children’s curiosity and learning, they are also aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to have in the house. Not forgetting the safety aspect, Iloom’s furniture is made of trustworthy material, always providing quality assurance at a rational price.

Product Features

Mickey/Minnie Ako Sofa

The ergonomic Ako Sofa was designed with children’s growth in mind, allowing it be used from 12 months to 52 months. Furthermore, considering a baby’s center of gravity, the sofa is designed so that it does not fall backward.

Kids Tent

This kids tent can be used alone and can also be used in single/supersingle beds to create a variety of different uses. Featuring a noubim mat, the non-slip cotton mat can be used on the floor and on the bed. Furthermore, there are lovely curtain and window details which contribute to a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Peanut Type Sitting Table

Taking into consideration the safety of a child and the various activities that a child can do at the table, the table height can be easily adjusted for comfort. The cute peanut shape and curved design was also meant to make a child feel a sense of security at the table, letting them have a personal area where they can explore and be creative. .


What Parents think...

Vicky Y., Mum of 2

Great quality, simple yet sophisticated designs. Great for my young children.

Emily C, Mum of 1

The rounded design is great, height can be adjusted with baby's growth, and the pea design is super beautiful!

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