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About Hegen

With over 30 years of manufacturing state-of-the-art mother and baby care products, Hegen was established by CEO Yvon Bock, mother of 4. Uncompromising safety and quality lies at the heart of our mission. We are in the business of designing meaningful products that advocates breastfeeding and protects the integrity of breastmilk all over the world. Breastfeeding is a profoundly rewarding experience, a time for building lasting emotional bonds and creating immense impact on children’s health. Hegen strives to be that support system for women to continue the priceless journey of breastfeeding, for as long as they wish to do so.

Latest Brand Innovations

The Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump

One of the lightest electric breast pumps in the market.


What Parents think...

Janice, Mum of 3-month-old newborn

Choosing Hegen bottles was one of the best decisions as it helped prevent my baby from getting nipple confusion.

Karen, Mum of 2

After using Hegen bottles for milk feeds, I now use it to store snacks for the kids! Loving the multi-functionality.

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