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About Product

Suitable for newborns onwards, the Ggumbi bumper bed is a multi-functional bed that grows with your child! Easily convertible into multiple transformations, the versatility of the bumper bed stimulates the child’s emotional and creative development. Made with 10 layers of high-density PE Air Cell Pads (heat-sealed, non-glue), the bed has excellent durability and resilience, providing exceptional protection for your baby. Furthermore, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions offer prolonged and easy maintenance. Apart from being easy to assemble, Ggumbi bumper beds also use strings and velcros to secure the bed together, ensuring the bed is completely child safe and danger-free.

Product Features

Multiple Transformations

The versatile Ggumbi bumper bed can be transformed into multiple practical uses, allowing room for curious and active children to explore, which would help to stimulate their emotional and creative development.

Contains High Density PE Air Cell Pads

Made with 10 layered. heat-sealed, non-glue high density PE Air Cell pads, Ggumbi ensures excellent durability, resilience and protection for babies & children. Parents do not have to worry about their child falling or hitting the play yard as it will cushion their fall and prevent injuries.


Coated with an antibacterial premium PU finish, the Ggumbi bumper bed makes for easy cleaning due to its waterproof properties. Spillage and leakages will not be an issue for parents as clean-up will be a breeze since parents simply have to wipe the bumper bed clean.


What Parents think...

Sheryl, Mum of 9 Months-Old Babt

Ggumbi bumper bed provides a safe designated space for my little crawler. I don't have to constantly hover around him!

Carina, Mum of 15 Months-Old Girl

Loving Ggumbi Twin Star bumper bed to the fullest. Ultra-comfy and stylish. Friends keep asking me about my child’s bed!

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