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Envy Her

About Envy Her

Envy Her strives to provide top-notch service excellence to customers.Being a humble homegrown brand, Envy Her started out by focusing mainly on providing postpartum shapewear to mommies to promote postpartum and post-surgical healing. Envy Her then also introduced our self-manufactured nursing bralettes as a complementary product for mothers. Each piece, whether it may be shapewear or lingerie, is carefully designed, hand-picked and hand-crafted, birthing like-second-skin products that mothers will enjoy, accentuating each individual’s natural beauty.We stand firmly on ensuring customers do get the right products, which is why we offer non-obligated home fittings for ladies at their house.

Latest Brand Innovations

Customised Made to Measure Bralettes

Customised Made to Measure Shapewear that are tailored just for your body type.


What Parents think...

Sharon T., Mum of 2

Excellent products and services!! It really supported my wound during the postpartum recovery and continued to keep my tummy flat!!

Christina C., Mum of 1

Great advice given! Their shape wear is very comfortable. Can’t wait to get back into shape with their shape wear!

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