23.2.2020 - SM SKU Cheeky BonBon Waterproof & Anti-bacteria Tencel-surface Fitted Sheets


Cheeky BonBon Waterproof & Anti-bacteria Tencel-surface Fitted Sheets

About Product

Permanently infused with Zinc Oxide, our textiles offer anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties whilst also helping cell regeneration and skin repair, a beneficial property to have in times of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. 100% waterproof and 100% anti-dust mite, both the bed sheet and mattress are protected from liquid spills, bedwetting and sweat, letting them stay clean and dry 24/7, thus free from bacterial growth. Furthermore, 100% manufactured in Europe and made from tencel, the sheets are more absorbent and faster absorbing than cotton, softer and stronger than silk, yet cooler and thinner than linen.

Product Features

Made of Tencel

Soft to the skin and smooth to the touch, Cheeky BonBon’s bedsheets are both durable and sustainable. It is more absorbent than cotton, making sure the bedsheets remain dry and hygienic for your child. It is also much cooler than linen, allowing for enhanced breathability and air circulation, letting your child have a smooth and comfortable sleep.

100% Waterproof

The fitted sheets will uncover an underside secret of breathable, noiseless, waterproof polyurethane membranes, like a second skin that protects your mattress and pillows from liquid spills,bedwetting,sweat and dust mites

Infused with Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide has been permanently infused into the bedsheets so the properties stay with the sheets regardless of how many times they have been washed. Furthermore, it effectively reduces odours and even helps in cell regeneration and renewal of your baby’s skin while they sleep


What Parents think...

Pearlyn, Mum of 1

Smooth and odourless bedsheet. This waterproof bedsheet prevents baby’s accidental spills from dirtying the mattress. Easy wash.

Mrs Loh, Mum of 3

I was recommended this skin-friendly bedsheet. I see great improvement in my newborn, who has severe eczema.

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