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Beblum Navuto

About Product

The Beblum Navuto takes the win for the lightest auto-fold stroller. Weighing only 5.9kg, it can fit anywhere, from cars to overhead compartments in airplanes, making it a top choice for families who often travel and move about. With a simple push of a button, the stroller is able to fold on its own for ease of storage and transportation. Further equipped with a self-standing mechanism and one-handed steering system, parents are able to conveniently manoeuvre and handle the stroller. Lastly, the fully reclinable function and adjustable footrest ensures your little one enjoys the optimal comfort on the go.

Product Features

One Hand Autofold System

Just with the push of a button,the Beblum Navuto can fold and stand on its own, allowing parents to have their hands free to attend to their baby. Moreover, the storage of the stroller will not take longer than 10seconds, making it extremely convenient and cabin friendly.

Swivel Front Wheels

With swivel front wheels, the Beblum Navuto is extremely easy to maneuver, even if you are only using one hand. The one-handed steering definitely makes for easy travelling, and will be greatly beneficial for parents who are constantly on-the-go.

3 Levels Reclinable Backrest

Aimed to cater to different uses, from sitting to leaning back to lying down, the Beblum navuto stroller has 3 levels of recline, allowing for your child to comfortably and luxuriously ride in the stroller regardless of how they are seated.


What Parents think...

Bella, Mum of 2

When I saw the demo of the Beblum Navuto stroller, I was amazed. The Belblum Navuto could fold by itself!

Mia W., Mum of 1

My one and only stroller I've been using so far for the past 2 months+ without fail!

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