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About Product

The Autumnz Maya Moulded Bra allows moms to break away from tight and uncomfortable bras. Although non-wired, it provides enhanced dual support from the structured under-breast band, providing a remarkable lift and shape that enables the growing bust to sit comfortably. This is further enhanced by the 3 rows of hooks and eyes at the back for added support. The smooth and breathable material prevents heat trap and abrasion and gives a seamless appearance under clothing. Furthermore, the Maya Moulded Bra comes with a one hand release clip and a full drop cup to encourage maximum skin-to-skin contact between mummy and baby as well as easy nursing while carrying the baby.

Product Features

No Underwire

Autumnz bras cater up to 15 permutations of sizes for maximum comfort for different mummies. The unwired bras will help to prevent obstruction of milkflow, and provide enhanced comfort to the growing busts.

Enhanced Dual Support

The structured under-breast band provides a remarkable lift and shape, as well as specific cup size to enable mummy’s growing bust to sit comfortably and constantly remain well supported to prevent sagging and backaches.

One Hand Release Clip with Drop Down Cups

Autumnz bras were also designed to provide ultimate ease and convenience for nursing, especially when mummies are out. Full drop down cups also maximise contact between mummy and baby, allowing nursing to be a breeze when carrying your baby.


What Parents think...

Dawn Soh, Mum of 2

Bra is especially useful when I need to wear more fitting clothes – providing a smooth and seamless silhouette while remaining breastfeeding-friendly

Maybelline Y., Mum of 2

Autumnz is great, my second baby and i’m still getting from them. Bras are comfortable and affordable. Good customer service too!

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