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Aptamil Stage 3

About Product

Specially imported straight from New Zealand and brought to you by Danone Nutricia, Aptamil Stage 3 is Europe's No. 1 Baby Milk Company. Aptamil Stage 3 is manufactured under the strictest quality control in adherence to the international standards ISO 22000 and ISO 17025. Containing the highest DHA content(157mg) amongst all other Growing Up Milk brands sold in Singapore, Aptamil Stage 3 Gold+ Toddler Growing Up Milk also contains a unique prebiotic blend that helps support and further strengthen your child's natural defences, making it a top choice for mummies and babies.

Product Features

Contains 157mg DHA

Contains 157mg DHA which is the highest♢ DHA vs other Growing Up Milk in Singapore.

Contains a Unique Prebiotic Blend scGOS: IcFOS(9:1)

With its unique Prebiotic Blend scGOS: IcFOS(9:1), Aptamil Stage 3 formula milk will help support your child’s natural defences.

Contains Iron & Vitamin C

Iron & Vitamin C are necessary for normal immune system function.


What Parents think...

Jean Lum (Popular Mummy Influencer, @itsjeanlum), Mum of 3

4 years ago, Maximus first tasted Aptamil at a Roadshow. He loves the taste and our journey with Aptamil begins!

Dr. Freda Khoo, Mum of 3

“My youngest is 4 now and she still loves her Aptamil! It’s nutritious, great tasting and not too sweet!


Applies to Aptamil Stage 3 (157mg) and Stage 4 (159mg) Growing Up Milk vs other Growing Up Milk (Stage 3 and 4) sold in Singapore as checked on 5 Sep 2019.

Contains unique prebiotic blend, scGOS:IcFOS (9:1). Arslanoglu et al. 2008. Journal of Nutrition, 138.1091-1095.

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