23.2.2020 - SM SKU Aguard Bumper Bed


Aguard Bumper Bed

About Product

With the AGUARD Bumper Bed, parenting has successfully been made less stressful, for parents no longer have to constantly keep a lookout for danger surrounding their little ones. 100% handmade with environmentally friendly anti-bacterial bio-cell cotton, the AGUARD Bumper Bed has been known to have prevented many babies from falling from their cribs. Children’s safety will be ensured regardless of what they are doing in the bumper bed due to its multipurpose use. Unique to AGUARD, the arrangement of its zippers allows for separate bumper beds to be combined and expanded to form a larger bed, giving room for spontaneity.

Product Features

Expandable by Zipping Extensions

2 sets of M bumper beds can be zipped together to form a L size bumper bed, giving ample room for your child to continue using Aguard even as they grow up. The easy to use zipper extensions allow for a quick and safe assembly of the bumper bed while not compromising on your child’s safety.

Multi-Purpose Uses

Extremely functional, the Aguard bumperbed can have many uses, depending on how and when it is used. From a sofa to a play mat to a ball pool, Aguard is versatile enough to be customised for each child’s use and play.

Made of Bio-Cell Cotton

Light,functional and anti-bacterial, the Aguard bumper bed is made of bio-cell cotton unlike other bumper beds in the market. Not only does it promote air ventilation, its ability to absorb baby’s sweat will also ensure that the bumper bed remains clean and dry, reducing the chances of babies getting rashes.


What Parents think...

Asmira, Mum of 3

Super useful because can use as bed and playtime. Easy to store away also.

Qing Q, Mum of 2 Years Old Son

Using this since my son was just a newborn…now he’s 2 years old! Comfortable and safe for play.

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