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The Best and Safest Clean Water for Your Family

With everyone at home drinking up, including our energetic kids who sweat a lot, it is important to stay hydrated in Singapore’s humid weather. By having healthy water purifier at the convenience of your home with filtration and disinfection features, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family drink the best possible quality of clean and fresh water, thus improving their health!

You no longer have to boil water and refill the water container to be placed in your fridge, saving you both time and space. Water purifying helps to get rid of impurities and ensuring that your water is even safer for drinking.

Water dispensers don’t have to be bulky appliances that take up space on your kitchen counter. Case in point: Wells The One, a compact and sleek water purifier that divides the dispenser and filtration system so your counter will look clutter-free and match your modern kitchen interior. The system is designed to self-sterilise every 3 days to ensure the pipes are maintained at top-notch cleanliness.

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Aside from the standard cold and hot temperature selections, there is also a milk formula option of 50°C to make parents' lives easier. And don't worry about the water's cleanliness: the system contains two filters that run your tap water through a 9-step filtration process to remove heavy metals and microparticles such as bacterial from the drinking water.

Available in 3 different colours (Dark Brown, White, Red), Wells The One is also equipped with a 2.8 full-colour display, you can select 6 different temperatures and 4 different volumes of water using the tactile ring to dispense water at your convenience.

Product Highlights

Wells The One
  • Made in Korea
  • You will have the option to opt for pure drinking water or alkaline water
  • The world's slimmest tankless water purifier that is 8.8cm in diameter – perfect for BTOs & condos
  • Offers a spacious and free kitchen wherever you want by locating premium slim faucet above, and smart filtration system below
  • Powerful purification with a 9-step filtering system to remove residual chlorine and 35 types of harmful microorganisms such as norovirus
  • Electricity-saving – Grade 1 energy saving in Korea is equivalent to 5-ticks in Singapore's standard
Various Features that are Easy to Use
  • Human body detection sensor and 180° body spin design
  • Hygiene system that sterilises every single water pipe once in three days
  • Smart touchscreen with 6 different temperature settings
    • Baby formula 50°C
    • Tea 70°C
    • Coffee 85°C
    • Body temperature 36.5°C
    • Ambient water 27°C
    • Cold water 6°C
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