Health Benefits of Bird Nest During Pregnancy and After Giving Birth

The Chinese delicacy of bird's nest soup has been around for over 400 years. It's formed from the nest of a specific bird, the swiftlet, which can be found in parts of Southeast Asia.

The nests are produced from the birth's saliva strands, which are high in protein, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. It is the saliva that is said to pack a powerful punch and makes it a much sought after delicacy.

A bird’s nest provides the essential proteins (amino acids) that help us sleep better, relieve stress and anxiety, and reduce stretch marks. Besides the nourishing properties, it is also a superfood and have beauty-related benefits such as anti-aging, whitening, anti-oxidant, and the list goes on.

Wellnest recognises the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating mothers, and advise to consume bird’s nest because of its endless benefits and it builds our immunity. With the ongoing pandemic, catching the flu is a big deal. So building your immunity to fight viruses to stay healthy is of utmost important so we can care for our family.

Step into the world of Wellnest, where premium collagen meets prime vitality & supreme anti-oxidants!

Inspired by their unique patented technology, each Wellnest sachet has been developed and packed with a beneficial medley of nature’s most precious ingredients – Pure Bird’s Nest Essence, Prime 6-year old Korean Red Ginseng & Aronia Berry targeted to give you & your loved ones a total rejuvenation!

The efficacy of Wellnest bird’s nest is proven by a registered patent,* developed by a team of scientists and researchers led by Dr Lim Kah Meng, who spent almost ten years on research on molecular biomedicine to extract bioactive nutrients to create his unique ‘Molecular Edible Bird’s Nest'.

The result is a Lifestyle Bird’s Nest Extract product that boasts an absorption rate that is much better than traditional Bird’s Nest products.

Unbox your New Lifestyle, on-the-go!

Product Highlights

Pure Bird’s Nest Essence

Wellnest’s patented technology increases the effectiveness of our Pure Bird’s Nest Essence extracted to enhance this superfood’s functions:

Boosts Immune System, Improves Skin Condition, Enhance Immune System,
Anti-Aging / Antioxidants

#DidYouKnow – 30 sachets of Wellnest Pure Bird’s Nest Essence is equivalent to 150g of graded quality Bird’s Nest? (Worth at least $400!)

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries as an aid to wellness to build stamina, promote healthy blood circulation and support healthy cognitive function.

Wellnest uses the 6 Year Prime Korean Red Ginseng due to it being fully grown with maximum health benefits at the point of harvesting.

Aronia Berry

Studies have shown that Aronia berries are very rich in antioxidants, Aronia berries help lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol and improve cardio functions. They Improve overall immune function and aids to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

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