Taste of Jing Yang

Chicken Essence's Rejuvenating Power

We all go through busy times, whether it's late-night studies, a stressful work week, or significant life events such as pregnancy and post-partum, and we all need that extra boost to stay energized. When coffee isn't enough, there are a variety of supplements available, such as energy drinks, but for Chinese communities, particularly in Malaysia and Singapore, chicken essence suffices. Recommended for pregnant women, post-partum women, elderly, and children, this centuries-old traditional treatment will relieve fatigue and energize the mind and body.

The high amount of natural antioxidants in chicken essence makes it efficient for recovery from mental and physical exhaustion. It also contains active protein, peptides, and minerals that are beneficial to the body.

(Translation: Traditional food supplement that is unique in Taiwan, well-known in Asia)

Taste of Jing Yang is an authentic concentrated chicken essence from Taiwan using Japanese extraction and Preservation Techniques.
Our Taste of Jing Yang Concentrated Chicken Essence contains 22 important amino acids that will nourish the human body to function optimally.

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They use only free-range black feathered chicken (黑羽鸡) of the finest quality, that are reared under stringent SGS quality checks. Their manufacturing processes are HACCP and ISO22000 certified to ensure they produce only the best quality products in the market.

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Product Highlights

品京杨 Taste of Jing Yang Concentrated Chicken Essence
  • Each air tight sachet is sealed with pure goodness, with 7 exclusions:
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • No spices
  • No coloring
  • No growth hormones
  • No fats
  • No cholesterol
Awarded Superior Taste Award 2021 by the International Taste Institute.
  • Since 2005, the International Taste Institute has evaluated more than 15,000 food & drink products from around the world.
  • Their jury of prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers and their strict tasting methodology have contributed to make the Superior Taste Award, the most renowned independent certification worldwide, 100% focused on TASTE.
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