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With rising ageing population and many families of dual-income households striving to achieve balance with their busy schedules, it will not come as a surprise when you start thinking about hiring a domestic helper in Singapore. An additional pair of hands can help dramatically in maintaining the cleanliness of your house and improving the quality of your family’s life!

Imtidad embraced the principle of “Treasure Quality Time with Your Loved Ones” and with the current Singapore fast-paced busy working lifestyle, they truly understand the daily challenges faced by working parents to achieve an ideal work and family balance.

They are committed to assist parents with newborn or young kids who needs an extra help at home handling household chores so that parents can spend quality time with their children.

Since 29 Nov 2021, Imtidad have successfully arranged fully vaccinated Indonesian MDWs to enter Singapore via Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Flights and have served over 1,000+ families since Phase 2 Re-opening.

In care and support for their clients during this challenging period, Imtidad is offering

  • $600 off co-payment arrangement of VTL Flight Ticket
  • Isolation Accomodation & COVID-19 Test Costs
  • Also includes:
    • Agency Fee
    • Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Flight Ticket
    • 2 Nights Isolation Accommodation
    • COVID-19 Tests
    • Basic Insurance Coverage + Security Bond
    • Work Permit Processing
    • Settling In Programme (SIP) For 1st Time MDWs
    • Medical Checkup
    • Lodging & Transportation
    • Unlimited Replacement*
    • Free Unlimited Training in Baby or Elderly Care
    • Free Unlimited Counseling

*Package Exclusive for MDWs from Indonesia

*Terms & Conditions apply

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Featured Services

$2,488 Package
  • Sincere heartfelt gratitude & appreciation to 1,000+ families for entrusting us to find a suitable domestic helper via VTL & non-VTL arrangement
  • In care & support for our clients during this challenging period, Imtidad is offering $600 off co-payment arrangement of VTL flight ticket, isolation accommodation & COVID-19 test costs
Unlimited FREE Replacement At $0 Agency Fee

We understand that sometimes the selected domestic helper might not be the correct fit to meet the job requirements for your loving family. Therefore, we offer unlimited free replacement at $0 agency fee for your next selection of domestic helper.

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Live Skype Interviews

Not only that we personally fly down to interview our candidates that meet our stringent requirements, our clients have the opportunity to conduct live interviews via skype before making the final selection of their domestic helper

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